The Powerhouse

12“ and 15“ LED screen


Energy efficient and longer life screen with capacitive touch technology. The scope of features is identical for both sizes.

Varied mounting options


Thanks to VESA compatibility, the Columbus800 cash register can be assembled on the wall or on a pole mount. This way, it adapts ideally to the spatial conditions of your business.

Small foot print


The mains adapter for the Columbus800 cash register is integrated into the housing, so less space is required overall. Innovative cable routing with CalbeLockTM ensures a cable–free, neat and tidy workplace. 



The Columbus800 cash register and the Orderman7 handheld unit work together as a real team. They speak the same design language and are perfectly in sync in terms of technology.

Guaranteed quality


An all-inclusive two-year care warranty is included with every Orderman POS.  The warranty can be extended for up to six years. With the Orderman warranty, you will benefit from reliable and competent service at all times.

Durable and low maintenance


All Orderman cash registers were especially designed to meet the requirements of the hospitality industry. The front of the Columbus800 is dust and waterproof, very durable and easy to clean.

Plenty of interfaces


The Columbus800 offers lots of flexibility in terms of add-ons and upgrades. The number of interfaces ensures you will be able to use the system for many years.




A real Columbus in a modern outfit



Uncompromising claim to quality meets technical innovation.

NCR Orderman’s Columbus series embodies over 25 years’ worth of experience in the restaurant industry. The Columbus800 POS terminal is the result of constant development, uncompromising claim to quality, and technical innovation. Its extraordinary reliability, the beautiful, practical design, and extreme durability make this system the ideal professional device for any restaurant.


In combination with the Orderman Handheld Units and the Orderman Radio the Columbus800 produces a profitable POS system for the successful restaurant owner. All Orderman products are geared to work with one another seamlessly in terms of technology. Via the “Power over Ethernet” interface, you can connect the Orderman radio directly to the cash register. Now there’s nothing to stop you from working efficiently!

Columbus800’s modern design lets the series shine in a new splendor. It simply adapts to the spatial conditions and masters the many demands of the restaurant industry with distinction. The cash register can be easily mounted to the wall or a pole mount. Lots of useful interfaces offer the option of connecting accessories such as cash drawers, thermal printers, or drinks dispensers. This ensures the Columbus800 stays up to date for a long time in terms of technology. The Columbus800 POS cash register is resilient, long–lasting, and adaptable. It will accompany you for a long time to come, through every one of your hardest work days.

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Orderman Care & Care Gold


The all-in, care-free NCR Orderman warranty



No other company in the industry offers a warranty that rivals Orderman Care and Care Gold.


This service product will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years after you purchase an Orderman product. Care & Care Gold is our all-in, care-free warranty that will protect your investment.




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