The Orderman Care & Care Gold warranty


Orderman protects your investment



Orderman Care & Care Gold

The all-in, care-free NCR Orderman warranty


No other company in the industry offers a warranty that rivals Orderman Care and Care Gold.

This service product will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years after you purchase an Orderman product. Care & Care Gold is our all-in, care-free warranty that will protect your investment.

The best thing about the Care Gold warranty:



There is an advance exchange for handheld units. This means you will receive a replacement device immediately if your handheld unit fails. This way, we can guarantee a smooth ordering process without the risk of outages or longer waiting times.


For successful hospitality professionals



By choosing our POS systems and handheld units, you are opting for a high-quality product that is purpose-built, highly reliable and extremely durable. Our products embody 25 years of experience in the development of restaurant technology and the 135-year experience of our parent company, NCR. The best proof of quality for our products is the unique all-in care-free warranty.

Extensive warranty model for POS systems and handheld units



Choose NCR Orderman and benefit from one of the most durable and extensive warranty models in the industry.



We offer up to six years of warranty for POS systems and up to five years for our handheld units. The warranty goes far beyond simple repairs. As part of our service, we replace damaged parts as well as treating them to a complete technical and optical overhaul. The Orderman service team will not only exchange damaged parts, but also all components that have exceeded 50% of their expected service life. Parts showing cosmetic defects or that no longer comply with the latest safety standards will also be replaced. In addition to hardware repairs, we also update firmware, drivers and imager.


If you’d like to learn more about our POS systems and handheld units, or if you have questions about the Orderman warranty model, please feel free to contact us.




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