Orderman Base Station4



The heart of the Orderman system





The Orderman Base Station4 operates on a 433 MHz band, which offers great advantages regarding stability. In concrete terms, the Orderman radio offers incomparable reliability, superior to both Wifi and Bluetooth. Your Orderman handheld units transmit all orders directly to the kitchen or bar without fail.

Intelligent load balancing


The Orderman Base Station4’s so-called “adaptive load balancing” ensures that your Orderman radio network is never overloaded, no matter how many handheld units are currently in use. All Base Stations communicate with one another and distribute the load intelligently.


Seamless operation


Passing the Handheld connection seamlessly from one Orderman Base Station4 to the next means there is no waiting time when the device needs to reconnect. This guarantees smooth operations at all times.


High range


The Orderman Base Station4’s wide range allows for great coverage of large areas, including outdoor spaces. The radio waves use a low frequency, which allows them to penetrate even the most massively solid objects, such as walls.

Low power consumption


The Orderman Base Station4 is especially energy efficient, making it environmentally friendly and lowering your electric bill.

Guaranteed quality


The Orderman Base Station4 comes with a two-year Care Gold warranty, which may be extended for up to five years.

The Orderman Radio


Stable, reliable, and unique!



In the restaurant business, a smooth order taking process is just as essential as electricity and running water. The Orderman radio provides you with a stable, reliable solution that will protect you from outages. The system was especially constructed for professional use in the hospitality industry and therefore fulfills all the needs of a restaurant business without compromise.


The Orderman Base Station4 is the heart of the Orderman system and enables smooth radio ordering with the Orderman handheld units. The Base Station has been constantly developed and optimized during Orderman’s 25-year life span. The fourth-generation base station is built using the latest in technology, making Base Station the most advanced solution on the current world market.

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Orderman Care & Care Gold


The all-in, care-free NCR Orderman warranty



No other company in the industry offers a warranty that rivals Orderman Care and Care Gold.


This service product will protect you from unplanned outages and expensive repairs for many years after you purchase an Orderman product. Care & Care Gold is our all-in, care-free warranty that will protect your investment.




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