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The combination of high-end POS systems, the reliable Orderman radio and unbeatable handheld devices produces a system, that will effectively increase your turnover. Smooth processes, error-free order taking, reduced walking distances and no bottlenecks at the POS terminal make for faster service and more satisfied customers. Innovative technology, an optimized user experience, and tasteful design have made Orderman the world market leader and synonym for mobile technology in the hospitality industry.



Table-side ordering for faster service.



Orderman handhelds were developed especially for use in the hospitality industry. These mobile ordering devices are unbelievably durable, reliable, and easy to use – the perfect tool for any restaurant professional. In unison with the stable Orderman radio, the system ensures an efficient work process and satisfied customers.

POS terminals


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An Orderman POS system is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. The high-quality components ensure reliability and long service life.

Purpose-built for hospitality


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Orderman offers an extensive POS and handheld portfolio made especially for the restaurant industry. The development of our high-end products embodies 25 years of experience in the field of restaurant technology, as well as 135 years of experience coming from our parent company NCR. Choose a reliable solution that allows for more efficiency and speed of service!



Your advantages with Orderman



Perfecting the order and billing process.



  • More turnover through faster service and more satisfied customers
  • No service personnel queuing up at the cash register
  • Print bills directly at the table
  • No room for errors
  • Service personnel has shorter pathways
  • Smooth communication between service personnel and kitchen
  • Full control over work processes
  • Excellent support


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#1 provider of mobile restaurant technology worldwide
55,000 hospitality businesses use Orderman
1,000 Orderman partners
45 countries
25 years of experience
Up to six years Care/Care Gold warranty