NCR Small Business Releases All-in-One Tablet POS System

Built for purpose NCR Silver RegisterTM offers omni-channel platform, plug-and-play operability and scalability for merchants, franchises

Duluth, Ga., July 20, 2015 - NCR Small Business today announced the launch of NCR Silver Register™, an all-in-one, tablet point-of-sale (POS) system that is built for purpose, runs NCR Silver™ in the cloud and excludes third-party user applications to help maximize employee productivity and help minimize security risks.

The integrated system, which operates on a closed Android platform, is ready, out of the box, with implementation software allowing for a quick set-up of NCR Silver so merchants can ring-up sales the same day. For merchants who also want to take mobile transactions, NCR Silver Register easily syncs with select Apple® devices in the cloud. This enables associates to emerge from behind the register and focus on their customers, creating opportunities to deliver the omni-channel experiences customers now expect.

NCR Silver Register’s plug-and-play functionality enables small businesses to simply turn the product on and start accepting payments within minutes. Additionally, the solid-state terminal delivers a higher level of durability – making it well-suited for larger franchises and multi-store retailers who want a complete POS system that is easy to maintain.

“NCR Silver Register is designed to help small businesses and franchises to easily focus on what’s important – delivering a higher level of customer service and modernizing their stores,” said Chris Poelma, president and general manager of NCR Small Business. “The bundled solution is affordable and scalable, yet helps business owners power their businesses without the typical implementation challenges associated with many enterprise-level technology solutions.”

The cloud-based platform allows small businesses to choose from available payment card processors and eliminates many of the manual processes associated with inventory management, which can help save owners significant time and money.

Maritza Pichon, co-owner of Georgia-based chocolate store, M Chocolat, says the NCR Silver Register’s intuitive interface and enhanced capabilities provide far more functionality than the server-based POS she used previously.

“The solution we had wasn’t in the cloud, which meant updating the system was cumbersome and expensive because we had to hire a part-time IT person,” Pinchon said. “As we began to grow, we needed a faster POS system that had more functionality, but was intuitive enough to use without any IT expertise. The NCR Silver Register has been a perfect match for our needs.”

NCR Silver Register comes equipped with a tablet and integrated stand. Optional hardware includes a customer display, cash drawer, wireless printer and scanner. Third-party hardware or app downloads are not required to get NCR Silver Register up and running.

Additional functionality and features include:

  • Wired Ethernet for easier and faster connection.
  • A closed-system, excluding third-party user applications which provides enhanced security and allows for greater productivity.
  • Bright LED display which delivers exceptional visual quality.
  • Multi-touch functionality and durable, accurate fast touch interface with finger input.
  • Enhanced post-sale support, which helps maximize solution efficiency and easily troubleshoot any issues.

The NCR Silver Register is available in three affordable hardware bundles. Lease options for the hardware are also available through NCR’s preferred lender. A separate subscription to NCR Silver is required. Learn more by visiting the NCR Silver website.

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