New NCR Advanced Store software bridges digital and physical channels

Release enables converged retailing for general merchandise retailers at the personalized point-of-sale

DULUTH, Ga. – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today announced a new release of its NCR Advanced Store software that will help retailers bridge the gap between digital and physical channels and enhance their ability to market to consumers at the point-of-sale (POS.)

A key addition is the ability to deliver personalized, preference-based offers and promotions to customers at checkout through native integration with the NCR Advanced Marketing Solution, NCR’s promotions and offer management software. Through this integration, retailers can now quickly and cost-effectively power loyalty programs, create offers and drive cross-selling initiatives directly at the POS.

The unification of digital and physical channels is further facilitated through technology integration with inventory management software from VendorNet Inc., which now provides retailers a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution to link their e-commerce channels with store inventory, enabling consumers to buy on-line and pick up in store.

NCR Advanced Store also provides support for HTML5, which will facilitate installation on tablets and other mobile devices. This is particularly valuable as more retailers realize the value of having associates available to assist customers inside the store, untethered from the point of sale, further improving the shopping experience for customers.

Retailers also gain greater flexibility in receipt options, as they can now print personalized promotional messages, such as loyalty point balances or amount saved to date, on the back of receipts or offer consumers the ability to get digital receipts sent via e-mail.

“Retailers face continued pressures to eliminate the silos between their digital and physical channels to deliver a consistent shopping experience for their customers, based on their preferences and presence in a retailer’s channels,” said Greg Egan, general manager and vice president of retail store automation, NCR Corporation. “By delivering a solution that helps retailers break down these walls, reduce IT complexity and streamline administration, NCR is providing retailers with an out-of-the-box platform that quickly and cost-effectively bring a converged retailing experience to shoppers.”  

The new software will also help simplify IT administration, enhance the consumer experience and streamline cash management. A new, touch and gesture-based user interface that is more intuitive for cashiers can accelerate transaction speed and reduce lines. It also provides greater oversight and heightened visibility into cash management and controlled media, such as stamps or lottery tickets.

A comprehensive POS retail application; NCR Advanced Store drives store checkout operations for major general merchandise retailers around the world. The NCR Advanced Marketing Solution allows retailers to streamline the management of multichannel promotion delivery by eliminating systems and business processes, while also reducing operations and IT support requirements.

NCR Advanced Store and the NCR Advanced Marketing Solution are part of NCR’s c-tailing™ solutions, a set of software and services that enable retailers to offer consumers greater personalization and consistency across channels, such as the Internet, mobile devices, social media and in the store.

The NCR Advanced Store software leverages the National Retail Federation’s Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) standards, which means retailers can see significant reductions in administration and implementation costs and reduce the time to integrate third-party applications. The software also supports Microsoft® Windows® Embedded POSReady 7, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded POSReady 2009 and Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012.

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