NCR Launches Data-Driven Self-Checkout Consultancy for the Retail Industry

NCR’s new data analysis provides actionable insights for retailers to help increase efficiencies and productivity

ATLANTA / LONDON, UK, May 2, 2018NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a global leader in omni-channel solutions, today announced the availability of Horizon, its new data-driven consultancy and web-based analytics system for the retail industry. UK retailers can see the tool in action at the Retail Business 
Technology Expo (RBTE)in London, from May 2-3.

As part of the Horizon offering, NCR analyzes data generated in the self-checkout lanes of a retailer. This results in actionable insights as well as recommendations on how retailers can fine-tune their installations, helping them to reduce downtime and optimize their store operations as well as improve the checkout experience.

The Horizon consultancy service primarily focuses on the analysis of five key performance indicators – productivity, availability, interventions, tendering & cash and system health. Insights into these five areas enable retailers to get a holistic view of the performance of self-checkouts within their stores. For example, they get a better understanding of how often manual intervention from a store employee is needed – which could be an unexpected item in the bagging area or a mismatch between the scanned item and its weight. This information can be used for more efficient staffing, but can also help identify specific products that are causing weight mismatches, which can then quickly be resolved for all stores and regions and help enhance the customer experience.

Oliver Seal, Professional Services leader of the northern EMEA region at NCR Retail explained: “Actionable data is the currency of the current era. Horizon empowers retailers to clearly see the bigger picture when it comes to the performance of their self-checkouts, to help maximize their investment and continue to remove pain points in the checkout process. In addition to creating business impact, the actionable insights derived from Horizon fuels our goal to support our retail customers to deliver a frictionless checkout experience.”

With Horizon, customers have access to a dashboard displaying data and KPIs that provides head offices with complete store and lane visibility for all their sites across the UK. They can compare regions and stores, identify and replicate best practices more easily, as well as benchmark the performance of their self-checkout systems with industry performance data.

A monthly insight report adds observations and client-specific actionable recommendations from NCR’s team of data analysts. This is compared to previous months’ data and includes a prediction of the expected performance for the upcoming month. With this insight retailers can make smart decisions and develop action plans to further drive business benefits such as operational efficiency and customer experience enhancements.

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