NCR launches converged retailing marketing platform to help consumers cope with offer overload

Integrated enterprise software enables retailers to demonstrate the real-time relevance of their products to individual shoppers through trust-based data sharing relationships

LONDON – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) today launched an integrated suite of marketing solutions that provides retailers with a converged retailing platform to deliver highly personalized promotions and shopping experiences across a seamless combination of physical and digital store channels at the Retail Business Technology Expo, in London on March 13-14, on stand #850.

The enterprise software platform includes Retail Transaction Services (RTS) 1.1, NCR Advanced Marketing Solution (AMS) and Enterprise Preference Management (EPM) software, and enables retailers to easily integrate and implement these three solutions to design and deliver promotions that can be truly personalised for shoppers.

This means retailers can now establish trust-based data sharing relationships with individual consumers and demonstrate the real-time relevance of promoted products to boost sales and loyalty levels as part of a converged retailing strategy.

NCR AMS can create and deliver offers, based on the shopper’s basket size, item mix, loss leaders or other parameters, across a choice of email, online, coupon-to-card, mobile, point- of-sale (POS) and direct mail channels.

Retailers can use NCR RTS 1.1 sales transaction services to manage price update, product look-up, sales and returns processes consistently across all online, mobile and bricks-and-mortar touch points. This gives retailers a single view of consumers’ shopping history, making it easier for them to run “click and collect” and online returns services in-store, while minimizing the risk of fraud and increasing stock management efficiencies.

NCR Enterprise Preference Manager provides a comprehensive and flexible “voice of customer” data management solution. It enables retailers to dynamically create, deliver and manage customer preferences across channels, while reducing operations and IT support.  When integrated with NCR AMS, customer preferences can also be leveraged to create, disseminate and manage targeted offers, promotions and programs.

A universal engine within RTS 1.1 enables fast, simple integration of all three solutions, so that retailers can deliver a true converged retailing strategy without the complexity and costs involved in building a platform with other solutions.    

“Consumers today feel deluged by a range of coupons, ads, emails and direct mail drops on a daily basis,commented Stuart Henderson, NCR’s director of retail for Northern Europe. They want to be able to opt-in to receive offers and information on products that they feel are relevant to them via the channels that they find most convenient and to cut through all this noise.”

“NCR’s solutions give consumers back the control that they need and represent a radical departure from retailers’ existing ‘target segment’ approaches to marketing.” Henderson added, “In the future, there will be no such thing as ‘information overload’ for consumers, just ‘filter failure’ if retailers do not keep pace with their communication and product preferences in this way.”

Retailers have traditionally used predictive algorithms to target consumers with promotional offers, based on their demographic profile and previous purchases. As this approach is purely statistical it can never translate to the personal and only typically results in single digit response rates. NCR’s new approach to marketing helps retailers overcome the challenge of information logistics – of getting exactly the right bits of information to and from exactly the right people in the right form at the right time to boost sales. 

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