NCR, S1 and PayPal to offer person-to-person payments via ATMs

Consumers will be able to initiate money transfers from their bank’s ATMs to recipients around the world simply, securely and affordably

DULUTH, Georgia – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the worldwide leader in ATMs, today announced they will be working with PayPal and S1 Corporation to enable real-time person-to-person payments from their bank’s ATMs to almost anyone with a mobile phone or e-mail address. This service will initially be available in the U.S. with the ability to send money to people in more than 60 countries around the world.

The process for transferring money person-to-person at NCR SelfServ ATMs is simple. After authenticating themselves at the ATM, consumers will have an option to send money to an individual. To do so, they will enter the recipient’s email address or mobile number, choose an amount to transfer, and the money will be immediately credited to the recipient’s PayPal account. If the receiver does not have a PayPal account, then he or she will need to enroll for a PayPal account in order to receive the funds.

“The ATM channel continues to play a powerful role in delivering new, multichannel financial services to consumers,” said Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services. “Whether it is deposit automation, bill payment, money transfers or a variety of new and exciting products and services, NCR SelfServ ATMs provide a secure, trusted, and ever-present point-of-presence for the exchange of value by a bank or credit union’s customers and members. This solution is just an early foray by NCR to extend person-to-person payments options around the world.”

Initiating a money transfer from an ATM gives a consumer a convenient, 24-hour/7-days-a-week vehicle for instantaneous payment, while maintaining the trust and security associated with ATM networks. In addition, person-to-person payments using the NCR/S1/PayPal ATM solution could be a less expensive transaction than other non-PayPal money transfer options currently available.

“Banks and credit unions can now bring a highly differentiated set of capabilities to their retail and business customers,” said Dan Schatt, general manager, Financial Innovations, PayPal. “Offering PayPal payments through the ATM channel can enable businesses to instantly pay their overseas or domestic suppliers and retail bank customers to send international and domestic payments, all with a few taps on an NCR ATM.  We're proud to be partnering with NCR and S1 on this global initiative, since both companies have a history of offering innovative payment solutions to the banking industry. We believe our ATM based solution will spur the growth of electronic payments in place of less efficient cash and checks while giving consumers, businesses and banks significant value.”

The person-to-person payments offering will be available to banks running on the S1 payment platform and using NCR APTRA Edge in the U.S. NCR anticipates the service being available beginning in the first quarter of 2012.

“Financial institutions are always looking to strengthen their relationships with their customers through new services as well as generate new streams of revenue,” said Francois van Schoor, divisional president, S1. “This ATM-based person-to-person payments transaction will allow financial institutions to give their customers convenient and trusted access to an important service while maximizing the value of their self-service network.”

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