New NCR Channel Management Software Makes Daily ATM Cash and Transaction Balancing Easier for Bank Operations Staff


Helps financial institutions decrease risk and increase consumer satisfaction with improved transparency and automation

DULUTH, Ga., April 18, 2016 – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today introduced new software to help financial institutions reconcile their cash transactions and replenishments across their self-service device network.  NCR Reconciliation, highly flexible data reconciliation software, automates the daily balancing activities of the ATM cash network, helping banks and credit unions improve operational performance and reduce risk.

Through automation and cross-check of data sources, NCR Reconciliation helps banks ensure they are promptly returning funds owed to consumers, which safeguards the bank and supports a positive consumer experience. The powerful reconciliation engine quickly loads, validates, and matches transactions and identifies unreconciled (unmatched) transactions for research and resolution, typically the most time consuming exercise of daily ATM balancing activity. NCR Reconciliation is fully integrated with NCR’s Channel Management suite and is deployed as part of the same web-based user interface.

With NCR ATM Reconciliation, the user can access the consolidated data through a central user interface and easily review the unmatched transactions. It reduces process time and error, which makes the cash reconciliation process much more efficient, cost-effective and risk adverse.

“Reducing risk and cost while enhancing the consumer experience are key objectives for any financial institution in today’s self-service environment,” said Eric Malone, General Manager, Systems Management Software, NCR Financial Services. “NCR Reconciliation will help support those goals by systematically performing ATM cash reconciliation, making it easy to identify discrepancies and eliminating manual, time consuming reconciliation activities.” Learn more about NCR Reconciliation by visiting the product page here.


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