NCR introduces eGovernment kiosks, transforming immigration process through self-service


ClearPath software will enable legal immigrants to complete common immigration forms at a fraction of the price typically charged by immigration facilitators  

DULUTH, Ga. – NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a market-leading provider of self-service technologies and ClearPath, Inc., the leading provider of simplified immigration filing solutions, are piloting self-service technology that can help more than 12 million legal residents complete and file their U.S. immigration forms quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. As part of the first pilot, new NCR eGovernment kiosks will be installed in five Houston, Texas retail stores operated by the Barri Financial Group, a provider of non-banking financial services for the U.S. Hispanic population. 

NCR eGovernment kiosks will run ClearPath software that will provide legal immigrants the ability to complete common immigration forms at a fraction of the price typically charged by immigration facilitators.

More than 100 million immigration forms are filed in the U.S. each year. Individual applicants frequently engage non-attorney third parties, often referred to as notarios, to prepare forms at fees of $250 to as much as $1,000 per form. While notarios market themselves as immigration experts, they often have no formal training in U.S. immigration law or processes. 

In contrast, the ClearPath software empowers individuals to complete these forms themselves and is designed to help the user avoid common errors, such as entering incorrect alien registration numbers or codes for ports of entry that can cause the form to be rejected. The pilot will offer English and Spanish versions of five of the most common individual immigration forms: biographic information, change of address, employment authorization, green card (permanent residence), and individual tax ID number, and additional forms may be added in the coming months. ClearPath will charge individuals $25-$100 per form.

“There is an enormous population of residents struggling to file their various and often complex immigration forms,” said Alberto Laureano, chief executive officer, Barri. “This process has to be done correctly or their immigration status can be affected, so many turn to individuals who hold themselves out as experts in U.S immigration law for assistance. These individuals will charge outrageous sums of money for simple tasks.”

“By applying our self-service expertise to the immigration filing process, we strive to make life easier for millions of people in America,” said Tim Heffernan, vice president of government relations and emerging business opportunities, NCR Corporation. “All around the world, there are government processes that can be accomplished more cost efficiently and more easily through self-service.”

“Immigration filing should be simple, affordable and accessible. We are delighted to work with NCR to offer our solution in trusted retail locations like Barri,” said Michael J. Petrucelli, chief executive officer, ClearPath.

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