Fortune Favors the Bold: Ismail Amla in Fortune

How does a legacy competitor such as Microsoft spur growth and embark on a new wave of change? Ismail Amla, EVP, Professional Services at NCR, can tell you.

Fortune excerpted a passage of a book that Ismail co-wrote, entitled "From Incremental to Exponential," in an article that showed how Microsoft changed its culture, rethought its purpose – and drove a new wave of growth.

The article, “How Microsoft made the stunning transformation from Evil Empire to Cool Kid,” highlights some of the insights of the book – including how changing Microsoft’s business started with changing its culture.

“The reality is that established companies have a number of assets – such as brand, data and expertise – that can supercharge their growth and help them keep up with and even surpass new entrants,” said Amla. “The key is being willing to change.”

To learn more, read the Fortune article and check out the book.