Open Letter to Customers

Published May 4, 2023

NCR customers and partners,

On Thursday, May 4, NCR provided an important update on our path to separate into two independent, publicly traded companies. While we are making significant progress, our primary focus has been and will continue to be on you - our customers.

Our Board of Directors announced that Tim Oliver, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NCR, has been named as CEO-designate for NCR ATMCo (SpinCo). David Wilkinson, Executive Vice President and President of the NCR Commerce business, has been named as CEO-designate for NCR (RemainCo). They will both continue in their current roles while also building out each company’s leadership team.

In the months to come, additional leadership team announcements and specific company names and structures will be made. NCR anticipates the separation will be complete in Q4.

I am pleased to work with these exceptional, experienced and proven NCR leaders to take our customer-focused, as a Service companies into their final form. We will continue serving as your trusted partner, delivering high-quality products and the best experience. Our commitment to you remains the same.

Thank you for your business, and please do not hesitate to reach out to your NCR account executive if you have any questions.


Michael D. Hayford

Chief Executive Officer, NCR

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