NCR Helps Inspiredu Enhance Technology Used to Process PC Donations for Schools

Inspiredu’s (formerly PowerMyLearning Greater Atlanta) mission is to help underserved youth develop the skills needed for education and career success through technology‐based learning tools and engagement activities with their families, communities, and schools. Due to a recent influx of PC requests from schools driven by the pandemic, Inspiredu needed to upgrade its VoIP network at its Atlanta warehouse to enhance processing capabilities. As a non-profit organization, Inspiredu needed to rely on volunteer expertise and equipment donations to successfully upgrade their network.

“We recognized that Inspiredu had a need that we believed we had the network and expertise to address,” said Bill VanCuren, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for NCR. “We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community and to partner with other leading technology companies in doing so.”

NCR volunteered to manage the project, partnering with Cisco, Comcast Business and NCI Cabling, who all also donated expertise and equipment to successfully upgrade Inspiredu’s VoIP network so it is now able to handle the volume of requests coming in, with extra capacity for future anticipated needs. NCR has also donated more than 2000 PCs to Inspirededu over the past five years.

“NCR’s expertise was immensely valuable to us and we are grateful for their partnership, because as a non-profit organization this is the kind of project we would not have been able to execute without their contributions,” said Richard Hicks, Chief Executive Officer, Inspiredu Atlanta. “We are now in a better position to meet the needs of children and families in Atlanta’s underserved communities in the pursuit of education and work preparedness.”