NCR Channel Services Platform Wins 2022 FinTech Breakthrough Award

May 24, 2022 – NCR Corporation has won the 2022 FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best Banking Infrastructure Platform for its NCR Channel Services Platform (CSP).

CSP is helping financial institutions (FIs) across the globe offer modernized, digital-first technology by breaking down siloed, outdated infrastructure to deliver a seamless, connected experience across every consumer touchpoint – digital, ATM and branch. CSP gives FIs and customers the ability to move transactions between channels – enabling customers to begin in digital and end with physical interactions, with staff able to pick up the transactions and provide the support needed to complete.  

As a multi-cloud, multi-channel, API-driven platform, CSP is used by some of the world’s largest FIs to deliver shared banking services with less cost and complexity. These services give FIs greater agility to adapt in the future – enabling new products and services to be easily integrated and brought to market fast. Most importantly, CSP enhances the user experience for consumers and employees alike, providing a common, modern user interface that makes completing a transaction or seeing a 360-degree view of customer transactions simple and intuitive.

“CSP has the unique capability to help FIs seamlessly connect the digital and physical to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints, simplifying the infrastructure and positioning for future innovation and growth,” said Terry Duffy, senior vice president and general manager for NCR’s Self-Service Banking business. “Our API-driven approach makes it easy to add new services and connect with third-party and FinTech providers. We are thrilled the FinTech Breakthrough judges recognize the innovation and impact of our platform.”