The Secret Sauce of Success: Ismail Amla on Business X Factors Podcast

How has NCR thrived for more than 130 years, through so many changes? Ismail Amla, our EVP of Professional Services, has some clues that he shared on a recent podcast. Each week, the Business X Factors podcast takes a look at the secret sauce that helps companies reach the highest levels of success. 

On the podcast, Ismail shares how a BBC computer (yes, that BBC!) helped inspire his career path, and how he thinks individuals and companies can reinvent themselves. He highlights that culture is key, saying that, “The biggest challenge is the growth mindset which says that this organization… to continue to be relevant to our clients a) needs to change, but b) we can do it!”

To hear more of Ismail’s insights on how to drive growth and innovation, listen to the podcast.