Network and Security Services

Internet attackers can target the IT infrastructure of organizations large and small, threatening your reputation and exposing your business to expensive fines. How do you know your security protection is sufficient to defend against these threats? Understanding the potential entry points for system attacks is complex and requires dedicated resources to maintain a strong, secure network. NCR Network and Security Services (NSS) offers a comprehensive solution that safeguards networks and detects threats before a breach occurs. It is fully integrated with other NCR solutions, such as Aloha.

  • Help identify risk before your systems are compromised
  • Decrease potential disruptions caused by security breaches


  • Reduce exposure to costly fines

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Core Components

Site Shield

Commercial grade managed firewall to protect network from external sources


Threat Defender

End-point protection utilizing app whitelisting technology


Secure Access

Data remains safe when accessed remotely


Breach Assistance

Financial support to protect you and your customers should a breach occur





Optional Components

Managed Wi-Fi

Dedicated access point, customizable Splash Page and Connection Management


Managed Anti-Virus program


Patch Management

For Microsoft, Adobe, and Java software


PCI Compliance Services

External scanning, SAQ assistance, security policy templates and on-demand security training


Internal vulnerability scanning


Event Logger

Log management and change detection/FIM

Features & Benefits

  • Provides security services to protect the IT infrastructure, while also addressing many PCI compliance requirements
  • Centrally manages endpoint configuration and policies with strong protection against zero-day attacks


  • Can lower your costs of IT operations through providing robust security and network connectivity tools


  • Helps manage productivity through internet activity controls that limit employees' access to only the websites you deem appropriate


  • Leverages the expertise of our managed network and security services rather than utilizing your resources for IT activities


  • Fully integrates across all NCR products and services, which eases deployment and improves the reliability of your overall NCR solution


  • Provides a trusted and secure way of accessing systems remotely over the internet
  • Manage anti-virus services help to protect your endpoints from malicious software


  • Includes strong endpoint protection on POS systems


  • Up-to-date security patches distributed to POS systems to help keep critical systems protected


  • File monitoring and reporting to help support PCI DSS compliance requirements


  • Network Protection that enforces security policies and identifies risks within your internal network


  • Breach Assistance Program helps cover expenses associated with a cardholder data breach


  • Application whitelisting provides strong malware protection for POS devices