NCR – McDonald's
Program Update

June Edition

published June 12th, 2019

NCR Break-Fix billing

Billing Frequency Required

NCR recently announced that we were assuming billing of Break-Fix contracts from Huntington Technology Finance. NCR customers who were previously billed for their Break-Fix program by HTF are accustom to a monthly auto draft bill for their invoices. To provide a smooth transition for our customers, NCR is offering a monthly billing cycle for customers who enroll in auto draft billing for their Break-Fix Program. Monthly invoicing is only offered to customers who enroll in auto draft billing. For customer who wish to remain on a monthly billing cycle, you must submit a Break-Fix Auto Draft Authorization Form, if you have not already done so. NCR Break-Fix customers enrolled in auto draft invoicing are also offered the option to be drafted on a quarterly or annual billing cycle. NCR auto draft billing provides full visibility of entitled hardware while allowing customers the ease of managing their invoices. Customers who select direct bill for their Break-Fix Program must notify NCR whether you wish to be invoiced on a quarterly or annual billing cycle. Monthly billing is not available for direct bill customers.

It’s not too late to sign up for auto draft billing!
NCR Break-Fix customers can sign up for auto draft billing by submitting a Break-Fix Auto Draft Authorization Form. Auto draft billing is available for all NCR Break-Fix customers. The billing cycle for your NCR Break-Fix Program will not change if you set up auto draft. Once your completed auto draft form is received, a dedicated NCR team member will set-up the information in our secure system and bill your organization per your Break-Fix billing cycle of your choice. Click here to enroll in auto draft billing for your Break-Fix Program.    

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an Owner Operator who is currently financing hardware through HTF, you will still receive a separate draft from HTF for your hardware finance charges.    

Have you activated your MyNCR account?

MyNCR enables NCR customers to manage their business with NCR anytime, anyplace!

NCR’s online customer portal, MyNCR was customized for the McDonald’s Operator community and launched in 2018. MyNCR provides customers a modern-day experience to manage their day-to-day business with NCR anytime, anyplace. The customized portal experience developed in partnership with McDonald’s Stakeholders. However, NCR continues to add functionality to the portal to enhance the user experience.  


I love the new MyNCR portal. The layout of the site makes navigation very smooth and easy. Selecting and ordering products is very simple and straightforward. I can order what I need and be on my way in minutes.”

- Michael Massey, V.P. of Technology, "B"ing the Best, Inc., MyNCR pilot user – Atlanta Field Office


MyNCR enables customers to view and manage invoices, track shipments, communicate with NCR Representatives about order and installations through the Deployment Portlet, and place orders at your own leisure. MyNCR orders for consumable items placed by 2:00 pm et will deliver on the next business day excluding holidays.


I love using their online portal to order all the peripherals I need for my stores.”

- Jeff Endrusick, McDonald’s Operator - Atlanta Field Office


If you haven’t activated your MyNCR account, contact the Customer Care Center Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM ET at 800.421.8230 or by email at to request your credentials today. PLEASE NOTE: MyNCR credentials can only be emailed to Owner Operators. NCR Representatives cannot activate MyNCR accounts for team members of the organization. For more information about how to use MyNCR, click here to read the MyNCR User Guide. 

What experience are your customers receiving at the drive thru?

Does your restaurant have the right solutions to enable an improve drive thru experience for your customers?

QSR Magazine continues to report on the importance of the drive thru experience for customers. Accounting for more than half of sales, the drive thru is still the most critical entry point for restaurants. Speed of service and accuracy is a high priority for all restaurants that want to maintain and increase customers’ satisfaction at this entry point. Does your restaurant have the right solutions to deliver the experience that your customers expect?

Can a Drive Thru Timer help improve your customers’ wait time?

The drive thru is the busiest order point for restaurants but your customers still expect speed of service during their engagement at this entry point. Managing wait times is essential to maintaining customer retention at this entry point. Drive Thru Timers enable your employees to track, report and manage customer wait times through informed data decisions for your drive thru operations.

NCR has the ONLY Drive Thru Timer that provides real-time data that empowers your employees to make immediate and data driven decisions about your restaurants drive thru operation. Are you interested in learning more or placing an order for an NCR Drive Thru Timer? Contact an NCR Customer Care Representative about how the NCR Drive Thru Timer can help your employees make data driven decisions to improve your customers drive thru experience. NCR Customer Care Representatives can be reached Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM ET at 800.421.8230 or by email at

Why Hand-Held Order Takers can help at the drive thru

Speed of service is still top of mind for customers. However, order accuracy and a personalized experience are also key customer expectations. How can a Hand-Held Order Taker help restaurant employees’ delivery on this experience for customers? Hand-Held Order Takers enable your employees to greet and take drive thru customers’ orders before the menu board. Early engagement at this entry point helps to deliver a personalized experience and increase order accuracy which can be a game changer for your restaurant.

Are you interested in learning more about a Hand-Held Order Taker for your restaurants? Contact an NCR Customer Care Representative today to learn more about how the NCR DT301C HHOT can help your employees improve your customers drive thru experience. NCR Customer Care Representatives can be reached Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM ET at 800.421.8230 or by email at

Speak with an NCR Representative at an upcoming McDonald’s event

Show Name | Date and Location | NCR Representative

  • BOA OTP Workshops | June 4th and June 5th in Louisville & Lexington, KY | Larry Girouard

  • Walnut Creek Field Office General Managers Summit | June 4th – June 6th in Las Vegas, NV | Valencia Hunter and Errin Maddox

  • 2019 GWOS Manager Meeting | June 5th in Baraboo, WI | Amy Spytko 

  • Stamford Field Office OTP Conference | June 25th and June 26th in Grantville, PA & Teaneck, NJ | Rob Ireland

  • 2019 MHOA Symposium | June 25th – June 27th in Naples, FL | Tracey Morgan

NCR McDonald’s Customer Care Team

NCR Customer Care Representatives specialize in focus areas

NCR teams are aligned to support the various needs and questions that arise from field. Representatives on those teams focus on specific areas to optimize your experience when you contact NCR. If you don’t know who to contact, you can always reach out to the dedicated NCR Customer Care team by email at or call them between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM ET at 800.421.8230 and they will be able to help you with your question.