Fueling growth with retail-based branded ATMs

Valley Strong Credit Union had a problem. It wanted to expand its fleet of ATMs to meet the needs of a growing membership base. However, doing so would come at a cost. Our branded ATMs in retail locations helped to meet Valley Strong's goals at significantly reduced cost.

"We know that many members want to have access to cash where they want it when they want it, and we want to be there for them."

— Shonna Shearson, Valley Strong CU
What they needed

As Valley Strong Credit Union took on more members, it wanted to increase its fleet of ATMs. However, buying them would be quite costly.

Valley Strong Credit Union is undergoing a period of growth after a rebranding that reflects the growing and dynamic community it serves. As its membership increases, it is looking to expand in a way that retains its community driven ethos. The credit union realized it needed to expand cash access for members via more ATMs. A decision was made to deploy an ATM branding program that would increase the number of ATMs at premier retail locations where members regularly visited. While it could have purchased its own ATMs, that option would have been costly. It wanted a solution that would better serve the needs of the community at a more affordable price.

What we delivered

With our extensive network of pharmacy retailers, we were able to provide an ATM Branding program that expands awareness of the new brand while improving member service.

Valley Strong’s strategic roadmap was to successfully present and expand its new brand to the market, while simultaneously extending service delivery options for existing and prospective members. This led to the decision to fully leverage a branded ATM strategy. Through our ATM Branding program, Valley Strong could rapidly expand while avoiding the significant capital expenditure that comes with owning and managing a remote ATM fleet.

What happened next

Valley Strong’s partnership with NCR enables it to have a branded ATM presence in the retail locations its members trust and visit every day.

ATMs are a key channel for cash access, making a branded ATM fleet a critical element of Valley Strong’s regional retail delivery strategy. NCR’s extensive fleet of already installed ATMs across a wide range of retailers with locations in virtually every city or town is a key benefit for the credit union's members and prospects. When it is ready to enter a new market, NCR responds with a list of locations available for branding making it easy for Valley Strong to efficiently execute on its growth objectives.