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A payments feast for Urban Eatz

Urban Eatz, a fast-casual restaurant, needed a better payments platform. So NCR VOYIX delivered Aloha with NCR Payment Solutions — and now guests can securely pay any way they want.
NCR VOYIX is far better than any other processor I have worked with in the past.”

— David Long, Urban Eatz owner
What they needed

More payment options for guests

Urban Eatz is a fast-casual restaurant that delivers fresh, quality food with excellent, friendly customer service. And their made-from-scratch salad dressings, pasta sauces, spreads and turkey burgers have been delighting Richardson, Texas residents for more than a decade. But, they were operating with an outdated payment processing system that didn’t give their customers the payment choices they wanted, like mobile and EMV, which hurt their customer service. Their payment processing system was also less secure and didn’t meet PCI compliance standards.

What we delivered

NCR VOYIX Aloha + NCR Payment Solutions

NCR VOYIX Payment Solutions made Urban Eatz our first client to adopt the NCR Aloha platform integrated with NCR Payment Solutions for payment processing.
We were able quickly to replace their outdated payment processor with a system that gave their customers every choice imaginable to make payments, easily and securely—including mobile and EMV payments.

What happened next

Guests can tap, dip and pay their way

Their payment processor went from outdated and limiting to innovative and flexible, improving customer service and becoming PCI compliant with the ability to accept EMV payments. They delighted their customers with sleek designed pin pads that are easy to use and accept all of their payment choices. They also have processing that’s enabled with powerful features like robust reporting and the ability to accept and record tips to easily and in real-time gain access to key business insights.