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Travis Massey

SW Engineering Manager II |  Atlanta  | Georgia, USA


Travis Massey

SW Engineering Manager II |  Atlanta  | Georgia, USA

Tell us a little about your career journey. What is your role at NCR VOYIX?

In 2012, I came aboard as a quality engineer at NCR VOYIX. For two years, I was working in the Venues and Cinema Department, specifically working on testing cinema software.

NCR began developing a new product that piqued my interest in product ownership. I received a wonderful opportunity to voluntarily move into that position and build a team in Hyderabad, India, for six months. When I returned, I then became a product manager. I continued that role until December of 2019 before starting as a product manager at NASDAQ. In 2021, I returned to NCR and am currently a software engineering manager.

What brought you to NCR VOYIX most recently? Why did you consider coming back to NCR after leaving?

A senior vice president at NCR VOYIX reached out to me and said, “Hey Travis, you know we've got this really cool opportunity.”

He needed a senior engineering manager to lead a team working on new projects. We talked about how NCR has shifted over the past couple years, specifically relating to the company's goals for the future. The more we spoke, the more it just seemed like a perfect fit.

Outside of the job description, what other important questions did you seek to have answered prior to making your decision?

I asked questions about how NCR VOYIX is continuing to grow employee engagement and software investment.

I asked about specific strategies NCR had in mind to continue growing those areas.  I sought answers that confirmed that we are on a unified direction, and that messages from the Executive Leadership Team are percolating all the way through the organization.

With NCR having our headquarters in Atlanta, there is a large amount of local competition in the software business. I wanted to know how NCR is being competitive in this market. Before joining, I asked about being part of the decisions that help us to remain competitive. I was excited when told that I can be a part of that conversation as we continue to evolve to better position ourselves within Atlanta and making sure that we're recruiting, hiring and investing in the right talent.

"My favorite part about working at NCR VOYIX is that I interact with the solutions we’re providing our customers and have passion for the things that we're building.”

How do you describe NCR VOYIX now? Is it different than how you described NCR previously?

Flexible. Work life balance and having a good work environment is important.

With the changes NCR VOYIX has made due to COVID-19, the company now highlights flexibility. There are times you need to be in the office working and collaborating and there are also times when you need to focus and be at your computer to do what you need to do. And when you're doing that, it makes sense to be able to work at home. Our flexible work environment and hybrid format is new for NCR and I’m seeing the benefits since that change in workstyle.

What should NCR VOYIX highlight to new/returning employees to ignite interest?

NCR VOYIX provided me with incredible opportunities over the years and I have really been able to see my career grow to where I want it to be.

NCR should highlight that the company is a good place for people who like to move and change like I do, getting new roles and travelling – people who want to grow in the position they're in and become even better experts at it. I have met plenty of folks over the years who I know are happy here at NCR, all over the globe. I think no matter what you're trying to do with your career, NCR can support you in it.

What is your favorite part about working at NCR VOYIX?

My favorite part about working at NCR VOYIX is that I interact with the solutions we’re providing our customers and I have passion for the products we're building.

My specific role is in eCommerce – and like most people, I order food, clothes and household items online. I also go in person to restaurants, stores and banks and see the NCR point of sale (POS) systems, self-check outs (SCOs) and ATMs available all around me. Knowing that I'm working for a company that has an impact on my own personal life and so many others’  lives is amazing.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on, or the one you are most proud of?

The relaunch of digital ordering.

I had started working on that with a team before I left NCR VOYIX, so it was cool to come back and see that it had been completed and we had moved all of our current clients over. I was happy with what we were doing and found the project to be a lot of fun. I was even happier to know it was a long-term success.

What’s your hobby outside of work?

I am in a cornhole league, and I usually play a year-round.

I am by no means an expert, but I really do enjoy the game. Almost every Thursday I’m playing corn hole with a bunch of people and hanging out. Another favorite hobby of mine that I don't always have time for is scuba diving.

What advice do you have for prospective candidates?

Take time to ask the right questions about things that are important to you.

Listen to those answers and really make sure if NCR VOYIX is going to be a nice fit for you and where you’re trying to go in your life. When you are in your interview, you’re not the only prospective candidate, so take time to interview the company as well. It is not just a conversation of, are you a good fit for NCR? Ask yourself, is NCR a good fit for you?

Advice I would give to current employees: If you feel like you're not being challenged, have that conversation with your manager. There are endless possibilities at NCR.