Tampa Bay FCU

When the CEO of Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union imagined a branch with no cash handling, we knew what to do. And it was all part of helping them create the credit union of the future. See how we did it.

"I would say that NCR along with the ITMs have exceeded our expectations, along with our members,"

- Maggie Robarts, VP of Operations
What they needed

To eliminate cash handling

Originally known as Tampa City Employees Credit Union, Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union got its start in 1935 with just 13 Tampa City Workers and first-year assets totaling $400. More than 85 years later, the credit union has 5 branches across the Tampa area.

Today, the credit union continues to serve their local community with an array of financial services delivered in a helpful, friendly way. Because of their commitment to serving their members as personally as possible, the credit union wanted to find a way to deliver more efficient service by eliminating cash handling from their main branch so their staff could focus deeply on building meaningful relationships with members.

What we delivered

NCR Interactive Teller

NCR delivered SelfServTM Interactive Teller enabled ATMs along with Teller Now Dashboard and Network Manager. With the new technology in place, Tampa Bay FCU could transition from traditional teller lines in the branch to the ITMs.

Now, members could take control over their banking and pilot their own experience: they could choose to interact with the teller via video display or use it as a traditional ATM. Since ITMs can handle 95% of routine transactions, the credit union was able to free their in-branch tellers to focus more on providing exceptional, personal service to their members.

What happened next?

Faster service & a branch of the future

The ITMs delivered on all expectations–and then some. Thanks to the technology, Tampa Bay FCU has seen an increase in transaction speed while their tellers are able to spend time building member relationships and business. Members love the new technology, too, making the transition a "tremendous success," said Maggie Robarts, Vice President of Operations at Tampa Bay FCU. Today, the credit union has six ITM's in place, with plans to deploy three more by the end of 2020. 

"I would say that NCR along with the ITMs have exceeded our expectations, along with our members'," Robarts said. "We're able to deliver that service that we wanted to deliver. We're spending time in the branches building the relationships, which is what is important, and the machines have provided us time to free up other people to do more important work for the credit union."