Simplifying payment processing to stimulate growth

Purveyors of cloud-based college information systems, STARS had an aggressive growth goal of adding 48 new schools per year. Could payment processing help them do it?
"The system is great! We were blown away by the super-fast integration and how easy it is to use. Now, our partner schools can quickly and confidently process and track payments, and we have the flexible, secure system we need to meet our growth goals."

— STARS Campus Solutions
What they needed

A fast way to grow

STARS Campus Solutions helps post-secondary career colleges and schools manage student information and process payments for tuition and fees. It also manages licensing requirements for academic programs in cosmetology, medical services and other career fields. They offer reliable, cloud-based SIS systems that support every area of campus operations.

STARS set an ambitious goal of bringing in about 48 new schools per year. They wanted to move to an automated payment processing system to attract new clients. The system needed to be able to track student payments, tuition, how much they owe, so that school accounting departments wouldn't need to track and key in the information manually. The system would reduce errors, as well.

What we delivered

An integrated payments platform—in 2 weeks

They chose an integrated payment system from NCR, in part because it's quick to integrate. Where other companies' integration processes typically take three to six months to integrate, NCR does it in about two weeks. The integration feature was important to them because it let them offer their clients a simple way to manage payment data without redundant data entry—saving them time and reducing errors. NCR also helped them with demos for prospects, helping them sell in their services and training for clients.

What happened next

They’re schooling the competition

With the NCR system up and running, STARS can now connect new customer sites and users at each client at the press of a button. So far, 20 career schools and colleges are integrated with the system and payment processing service. Each school is processing 50 to 150 students for a total of more than 3,000 students among all schools - and growing. Payments post automatically and data is easy to access. The system is also an effective new selling point for the company, helping it make progress towards its expansion goals.