Delivering speed and simplicity to ATMs

Having access to the latest digital technologies through NCR, The Saudi Investment Bank has dramatically improved their customer experience and extended the self-service offer, all while streamlining their operations.
"Consumers in Saudi Arabia don’t want to be tied to the branch. They want a greater ability to conduct all their banking at their own convenience. NCR has enabled us to meet this demand by bringing digital innovation to our self-service channel to expand services and offer modern, digital-first and consistent experiences."
What they needed

The Saudi Investment Bank harnesses digital technology

The Saudi Investment Bank is one of the most innovative in Saudi Arabia and had an ambitious digital transformation strategy to extend its self-service offering. They wanted to meet the changing need of the customer; to reduce reliance on the branch by offering banking services at times and locations that suited them. By harnessing the power of digital-first technology, they hoped to migrate more transactions to self-service, while presenting a more unified look and feel across all their consumer touchpoints, including self-service devices, with an easy and consistent UI.

What we delivered

NCR implements modern software

NCR implemented its NDC Enterprise ATM application, which modernized the ATM network and crucially enabled the transition of more complex transactions, normally only offered in the branch, to self-service. Now customers can fulfil all their banking needs at the ATM from account opening and card issuance to read through to bill payment and government taxes and much more. Customers can also access remote video tellers when they need personal assistance or authentication on more complex transactions.

NCR’s software suite addresses the demand for more streamlined services, and while these maybe done by mobile and online, an ATM can be a more trusted endpoint and one that many of The Saudi Investment Bank's customers are more comfortable using, with the benefit of physical fulfilment.

NDC Enterprise consolidated the entire ATM network, including both NCR ATMs and other vendors, offering a consistent look and feel to customers, whichever ATM they were using. To help with cash optimization NCR implemented its Cash Management suite, with replenishment automation which has significantly helped reduce human errors, by centrally automating the update of cash counters.


The Bank streamlined its services and offerings to customers

With the reinvention of their self-service channel, The Saudi Investment Bank’s customers can now do almost all their banking at an ATM. In a country-first, this includes the ability to open an account and receive their card instantly without any assistance required from a member of staff or in some cases a need to visit a branch. It helps the bank optimize and focus their branch staff to more consultative activities while also dramatically improving the customer experience, by meeting customer demands for greater ability to bank when, where and how they want.

The bank is very proud of implementing Voice Guidance across their entire ATM network, greatly improving accessibility for their customers. Meanwhile, using video teller technology on the ITM has enabled customers to do more outside the branch. For instance, it means customers can make larger withdrawals at the ATM with remote tellers able to verify ID and signatures, importantly customers have access to assistance when needed without having to make a special trip to the branch. As a result of its transformation of the self-service channel, The Saudi Investment Bank has greatly increased customer satisfaction, focused staff on value-add services and lowered the cost to serve.