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Rohit Guliani

Services Sales leader, joined NCR VOYIX in 2011


Rohit Guliani

Services Sales leader, joined NCR VOYIX in 2011

Tell us a little about your career journey. What do you love most about your current role?

I've had a wonderful journey throughout my career, experiencing many roles within NCR VOYIX India. In 2014, I received an opportunity to apply for a services sales role at NCR Singapore. I discussed my intent to apply with my manager at the time and our HR business partner. Both were very supportive and gave me their input on the pros and cons related to this move. I joined NCR Singapore as a Services Sales Leader for the SEA region and then advanced to the role of Services Sales Leader – Banking for APAC. 

The transition has been challenging. It took me some time to understand the business and geographical complexities of the region, but the key to my success was the great support and learning I had received from my earlier roles in NCR.

"The key to my success was the great support and learning I had received from my earlier roles in NCR VOYIX."

I want to thank the SEA regional leadership for being there for me when I most needed help, encouragement and understanding during my transition into NCR VOYIX Singapore.

As an engineer, I've had a passion for technology, so I've always been involved with it, playing with gadgets and all of those kinds of things. But at the same time, I enjoy working with people and managing projects and budgets. I also especially like the international aspect of things. I speak five languages and enjoy talking to some of my employees and people in their native language. Thus, the position seemed to bring all of my professional interests together — the international aspect, the technology and the people aspect of things. That's what attracted me to continue my career journey with NCR.

How did you hear about NCR VOYIX? What made you consider joining the team?

When I decided to apply for an executive support manager (ESM) position, my friends recommended NCR VOYIX. I saw a great opportunity for my professional growth with ESM. And I was right – as an ESM I had an opportunity to cross-collaborate with multiple teams and work directly with customers, learn about their everyday challenges and needs and advocate for them. The knowledge I gained as an ESM is what helped me to advance further in my career.

How did opportunities for internal mobility and learning help you grow professionally and personally during your time at NCR VOYIX?

The internal mobility opportunities were a tremendous help for me to grow professionally and personally. In my role with NCR VOYIX India, I learned the art of balancing revenue growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. My services sales role helped me understand the processes used by banks to crystallize their long-term strategic initiatives. I've learned a lot about the various cultures, business dynamics and people around the entire region. It is so wonderful to see that every country is so unique in its work culture, yet everyone is aligned to achieve a common goal for NCR.

“Diversity and inclusion are NCR VOYIX's key strengths. When you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, it is an absolute pleasure to see all these diverse pieces fitting in together.”

How did your managers support your growth?

My current manager has a huge calming effect on everyone who works with him. He doesn't micromanage but always has a strong hold on the pulse of the business and guides our team in the right direction.

“We regularly discuss how we can grow our business and how I can enhance my skills to take on bigger challenges in the future.”

How do you stay consistently challenged to thrive both personally and professionally?

Personally, I have a great understanding and support from my family. My wife Shweta and my son Arnav have been instrumental in whatever success I have achieved in my career.

“Professionally, I make sure that I take part in new initiatives launched within the region. I reach out to people to work with them on the challenges they are facing.”

How are you helping NCR VOYIX to transform, connect and run the business in your role?

Transforming, connecting and running our customers’ technology platform perfectly describes what we do for our customers across the APAC region.

“We’ve proved ourselves as a strategic advisor and trusted partner even in the most challenging times like the global pandemic and social, political and financial uncertainty which impacted all aspects of business, including our banking customers.”

I’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of NCR VOYIX strategy and our “as a service” approach to many chief experience officers (CXOs). Together with my direct team and the entire NCR team, we transform, connect and run our customers’ self-service banking platforms, enabling them to remain competitive and focus on their customers.