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Merging payment solutions with NCR VOYIX customer service

When Personify was losing customers with a nonresponsive payments partner, we stepped in. And gave them the kind of collaboration and technology that makes growth simple.
“With previous partners, a customer that experienced a payments problem did not always receive a quick resolution. When we moved to NCR VOYIX’s Payments Solution, we were pleased that their customer support team was able to quickly jump in and tackle any issues.” 

— Personify
What they needed

To become #1 in their market

For over 20 years, Personify has been supporting organizations including YMCAs across the country to better engage with their members, maximize revenue and improve operations. With a market leading suite of solutions for associations and nonprofits, they are committed to helping people pursue their passions and spend less time managing their technology. On a mission to become the #1 technology provider in their market, they confronted a problem: their payments provider was nonresponsive and lacked a collaborative approach. So, when problems came up, they were scrambling to fix them, which strained their payment system and, most important, resulted in lost customers.

What we delivered

NCR VOYIX Payment Solutions, the payment partner they needed

NCR VOYIX Payment Solutions delivered the true partnership they needed. With robust collaboration and a commitment to a high level of communication, Personify has a better payments roadmap. So, when they go to market, they do it in a planned, customer-first and proactive way. And their YMCA clients are welcome to contact NCR support with any payments issues they may have, leading to a better payment solution from Personify.

What happened next

More responsiveness, customer retention & ROI

With the right payments partner, they’re growing their business. Now they’re benefitting from shared updates about what’s valuable to their clients, presenting unified messages and making improvements. And with better request responsiveness, collaboration and a customer-first approach, Personify has better customer retention, increased profits and ROI and a shared mission that’s bringing in new YMCA customers.