NCR transaction system is a solution for rapid business growth

Deploying a new transaction processing system that improved costs, availability, control and flexibility for one of the largest ATM networks in the UK—with minimal downtime. Here’s how we did it.
"Authentic is a well-engineered product, based on modern technologies and architectures. It is interoperable with all kinds of operating systems and databases, so we could implement it in a similar technical environment to our main in-house systems, giving us the tight integration we really wanted."
Nigel Constable, Managing Director, NoteMachine Technologies


What they needed

An updated processing system

Serving over 20 million people every month across 10,500 ATMs, NoteMachine has become one of the largest ATM networks in the UK and a leading force in Europe, dispensing around £20 billion annually in high streets, public transport, retail and more. NoteMachine's growth and expansion called for a new system that was equipped for today's fast-changing-world – but they also needed the confidence of the right relationship in place for such a significant task.

What we delivered

Intelligent transaction processing

When it came to choosing a new transaction processing system, NoteMachine wanted a cost-effective platform that ensured high availability and the best possible customer experience. And, crucially, it had to integrate with their existing back-office systems.

That's why they chose NCR's Authentic, the intelligent transaction-processing platform to route and switch all their ATM transactions. Authentic's intuitive user interface and an easy-to-configure design meant they could incorporate all the features and functions needed to maintain and manage all their devices and services from one platform. It also means they can handle the expansion of business into new markets, where having control over all aspects of the service is critical for success.

What happened next

Improved costs, control and growth

Since implementing Authentic, NoteMachine has significantly reduced costs, increased control of their ATM network and developed the flexibility they need to make changes and add new services customers expect. And it fit seamlessly into NoteMachine's existing IT infrastructure, minimizing downtime. "Transactions are highly perishable – if you can't serve the customer where and when they want, you have almost certainly lost that chance," says Nigel Constable, Managing Director, NoteMachine Technologies. “Authentic and its underlying technology are undoubtedly designed for today’s fast-changing world. With Authentic in place to handle transaction processing, we can expand our business into new markets where having control over all aspects of the service is critical for success.”