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National Bank of Egypt

When National Bank of Egypt was given a government directive to increase access to cash and foster greater financial inclusion in Egypt, we stepped in and delivered 2,000 cash recycling ATMs and a next generation enterprise ATM software platform.

“We knew we could count on NCR to help us with the monumental task of deploying a very large increase in ATMs.”

- National Bank of Egypt
What they needed

A big increase in the ATM network across the country and the software platform to run it

Founded in 1898, National Bank of Egypt headquartered in Cairo is the oldest bank in the country with 550+ branches, almost 5000 ATMs and is the largest bank in Egypt when measured in total assets. As a government entity and a banking leader in Egypt, they’re committed to providing their customers with the best service not only as a business but as a socially responsible institution serving the entire country. So, when the Egyptian government introduced initiatives that required them to expand their ATM network across the country, especially to Egypt’s large underbanked population, they knew they needed the right partner to meet the obligation. If they weren’t compliant with the new legislation, they’d risk losing not just their customers but their role as a banking leader.

What we delivered

NCR’s end-to-end ATM enterprise platform and 2,000 new cash recycling ATMs

They turned to NCR as a trusted partner and the solution we proposed was an additional 2,000 Cash Recycling ATMs, with NCR’s multivendor End-to-End ATM Enterprise platform including cash and device management. This meant the bank could run a single modern enterprise ATM application across their entire estate and have full device and cash management capabilities to fully optimize the recycling operations. The platform also delivers an industry-leading security suite and an ATM Marketing toolset to enable National Bank of Egypt to market and communicate with their customers more effectively. A dedicated global maintenance support service ensures increased visibility for them and availability for their customers.

What happened next

Excelling in consumer experience, meeting compliance goals and remaining Egypt’s banking leader

National Bank of Egypt now has a greatly enhanced ATM network, almost doubling the number of ATMs for their customers and a truly digital first software platform. Around 75% of the estate will be recycling ATMs, many with dual towers, which means one can accept deposits (and re-dispense these deposits) while the other dispenses cash and if one tower goes down the other can keep operating – greatly limiting downtime and increasing overall availability.

Their digital first software platform enables them to offer a much wider set of financial services at the ATM, including digital transactions that provide a consistent consumer experience and drive greater reuse across all channels. This also enables the bank to better service the underbanked without the need for additional branches. With this investment they are meeting compliance goals set by the government initiative to increase access to cash and foster greater financial inclusion, all while maintaining their role as a banking leader in Egypt.