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Helping Leo's Pizzeria get a bigger piece of the pie.

Keith Leo believes only whole pizzas should be fragmented. So when he needed digital ordering, he didn’t have to slice up his technology—we integrated everything into NCR VOYIX Aloha. And grew online orders by 15%.

“Aloha makes our company run smoothly while helping us keep an eye on the bottom line.”


- Keith Leo, Owner
What they needed

Quality with expediency

Keith Leo began working in restaurants when he was 15. Six years later, he started Leo’s Pizzeria with a $9,000 loan from his grandmother. His vision: fresh ingredients and a vast array of handmade specialty pizzas. They’d be good, fast and any way the customer wants.

By the time Leo was 40, he owned four popular take-out operations and restaurants in and around Buffalo, N.Y. He wanted to grow the business to be able to process high-volume orders and deliver custom dining experiences, but knew he needed connected, easy-to-use technology to complete with local and national chains.

What we delivered

Improved Digital Ordering

With the help of NCR VOYIX partner Systems Technology group, Leo’s chose NCR Aloha as the technology platform to handle everything in an integrated environment – with no third-party issues.

The Aloha solution included hardware and software, mobile POS, the Leo’s Pizzeria App, online ordering, gift cards and NCR’s end-to-end restaurant management platform that handles back-of-the-house reporting and more. Aloha was also chosen because it’s easily customizable, so customers can choose the fresh ingredients they want when ordering their pizzas and other menu items.

What happened next?

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

With the Leo’s Pizzeria App, Leo’s saw a 15% increase in online orders right away. Aloha’s complete integrated solution meant not having to worry about how the important requirements of each part of the system work together. And Aloha is so easy for employees to learn and use, it’s helping the restaurant attract and retain good talent. Plus, the back-end reporting features support and streamline management functions.

Keith Leo, owner, says “One company, one call and we get the technology we need to serve our diverse customer requirements. NCR VOYIX and partner Systems Technology Group understands our business and they delivered for us! Leo’s thrives because we listen to our customers; Aloha makes our job easier.”