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Embracing the future of digital retail

Technology is increasingly driving the retail sector forward but updating systems can be more difficult than expected. With NCR VOYIX by their side, Iceland Foods has a dedicated partner which has helped them maintain their position at the forefront of development.
"At the end, the Iceland Foods and NCR VOYIX success story can be summarized by a few key words: partnership, friendship and a strong business case that supports it."
— Iceland Foods
What they needed

A smoother, faster way to upgrade

Iceland Foods is one of the leading food retailers in the UK. It’s a position they hold thanks to their range of products, affordability and commitment to customer service. Technology has been crucial in maintaining that status. It empowers the food retailer to provide a fast, convenient and highly personalized service. However, Iceland Foods had relied on well-established legacy technologies and processes which had worked well in the past. Updating these turned out to be expensive and costly. What they wanted was a system which would allow for integration with legacy systems and third-party providers, while being easy to maintain and use. NCR VOYIX’s market-leading range of applications was exactly what Iceland needed – starting with NCR’s all-in-one R10 POS.

What we delivered

Creating a tailored next generation system

With R10, NCR VOYIX delivered a state-of-the-art POS system which brings all store operations within one highly sophisticated system. NCR delivered thousands of units which would be utilized in Iceland stores all over the country. In addition, NCR’s team also supplied Self Serv R6 which allows stores to add self or assisted service lanes to increase the speed and convenience of the service. These have been enabled with the capacity to develop tailored promotions and customer rewards such as gift cards which provide more value to existing customers and make it easier for them to attract new customers.

What happened next

A profitable partnership for the digital age

Given the pace of technological development, retailers of all sizes must adapt or die. Those that do not move forward will quickly see their customers looking elsewhere. Iceland has been committed to staying at the cutting-edge of development, but their legacy technology meant it was becoming increasingly difficult to upgrade systems. Thanks to NCR VOYIX, Iceland Foods now has an agile, intuitive system, which adapts the latest technologies to their existing systems. Their service has evolved into a close partnership based on collaboration. The result is that Iceland benefits from a provider who knows Iceland Foods’ business inside out and can deliver increasingly effective solutions designed specifically for their business needs.