Havana Savannah

What happens when you’re a coffee startup who wants to increase sales and efficiency? You partner with NCR to deliver an app that brews up a storm of orders and interest.
"It was very exciting to work with NCR's team as we embarked on our mission. 
Thank you to NCR for joining team Havana Savannah."
- Bruce Burrows, CEO Havana Savannah
What they needed

To bring their TornadoBrew™ coffee to market

Havana Savannah, a new coffee company based in Valencia, California with a proprietary technology called TornadoBrew™ has set its sights on differentiating their business. That started with finding a way to brew an amazing cup of coffee. Then, even before they opened, they wanted an app that would also set them apart, but, as a start-up, they didn’t have their own IT staff to create one. So, they turned to a trusted third party partner that understood their priorities.

What they needed

An app that does it all

NCR took a discovery approach while acting as a design liaison. First, we took a deep dive with consumer behavioral and best practices research; we knew the app must be interactive and personalized, easy to join and should promote their loyalty programs with plenty of options to order and pay. We used the knowledge to create the right flow and then went on a week-long sprint to create mockups for what Havana Savannah’s app would look like. And we were able to integrate NCR’s consumer marketing technology for added value.

What happened next

A caffeinated competitive edge

NCR Professional Services worked tirelessly to deploy an app that would enable Havana Savannah to compete in the fast growing coffee market. The app is easy to use, intuitive and engaging at every turn—from ordering and paying to using loyalty points. The app’s agile development model with an every-channel and platform specific approach will help Havana Savannah capture more customers, appealing to those who grew up using apps and to those who may not always enjoy using an app. With their new app they’ve dramatically grown their existing loyalty user base and their loyalty engagement is trending up. Havana Savannah is ahead of their targets and meeting their ambitious goal - outpacing their expectations on every level.