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First Fed

First Fed has always been committed to giving its customers the best services possible. By partnering with NCR VOYIX, the community bank gained access to transformative solutions to become leaders in innovation.

"NCR VOYIX understands our strategic plans and is working with us to design an implementation plan. 
Their holistic approach to solution-building helps bridge gaps and delivers innovative ways to meet our goals."

— Crystal Radwanski, Digital Solutions & Innovations Manager, First Fed
The problem

A need for better data

Based in Washington, First Fed has been providing high-quality banking services to locals for almost a century. In that time, the community bank has developed an outstanding reputation and won several industry awards. First Fed has partnered with fintech companies to develop new digital solutions that position the community bank to be at the cutting edge of technology. By upgrading its data management solutions, First Fed hoped to provide better and more personalized services.

What NCR VOYIX did

Gaining greater control over data

First Fed came to NCR VOYIX for help creating customer-facing solutions that could be integrated with its back-end systems to improve sales and provide a seamless end-to-end process to enhance every stage of the customer journey. Using NCR's Terafina platform, together with First Fed's CRM system, NCR helped the community bank gain greater control over all its data. Because NCR understands the need for a holistic approach to developing solutions that address the customer experience and achieve superior data integration, NCR was able to create a tailored system that improved its customer segmentation and targeting abilities.


Boosting the customer experience

With this system in place, First Fed has been able to implement integrated data management and provide an enhanced customer experience through its fintech solutions. NCR VOYIX helped the community bank find and implement third-party solutions that have helped provide a more seamless customer journey. It has also given its customers access to better tools through online platforms such as loan applications and account opening. From a back-end standpoint, its CRM system integration enhances its ability to gather data and track products to create more individually tailored customer journeys.