Family Express

Family Express wanted their customers to be able to combine payments for fuel, foodservice and more in a single, secure forecourt transaction. So NCR stepped in—and gave them a way to do it all, right at the pump.
“NCR OPTIC and the support provided is going to transform our business in providing a differentiated experience.“


–Clifton Dillman, CIO Family Express
What they needed

A modern, secure & frictionless forecourt

On a mission “to be the finest small chain of convenience stores and fueling centers in the world,” Family Express offers their own brand of gourmet coffee, state-of-the-art bakery and made-to-order pizzas and more across 80+ locations. Next up was to differentiate their forecourt experience to offer customers even greater convenience, ease and security.

As the retail industry continues to strive for a frictionless and secure experience, Family Express wanted their customers to easily combine fuel, foodservice and store item payments at the pump so they didn’t have to conduct separate transactions. They also wanted to eliminate downtime and shorten maintenance cycles.

What we delivered

NCR OPTIC & optimized deployment

NCR Professional Services optimized NCR’s OPTIC solution that offers built-in EMV card readers and end-to-end encryption for the highest level of security and easier, less costly PCI compliance audits. We integrated OPTIC with their Fiserv technology to enable customers to securely order and pay for fuel, foodservice and other store items in a single, frictionless transaction at the pump, with many payment options. OPTIC’s media capabilities enable Family Express to manage and display content that’s part of their marketing plan, allowing them to show custom, branded and engaging content and promotions—all on a large, ergonomically positioned screen that’s designed to be noticed.

For the best implementation, NCR’s Professional Services team conducted consumer behavioral modeling, surveyed Family Express customers and used business process scorecards to determine their operational needs. From there, they put together a cross-functional team to ensure they had the technology and the right business processes for optimal configuration.

What happened next?

Exceptional security, sales & customer engagement

Family Express customers are happily enjoying the convenience of purchasing made-to-order pizzas and more as they pump their gas; being able to pay for fuel, store items and foodservice in a single, frictionless payment at the pump is providing the modern, personalized and tech-enabled experience today’s consumers want. The customizable, branded forecourt media is helping them engage customers and increase sales in the forecourt, while saving them money on transaction fees. They’re also offering the most advanced, secure payment method available today to help protect their customers from security breaches and help protect their business from costly chargebacks.

And, with OPTIC’s modular design offering “plug-and-play” components, the Family Express team can repair and maintain the fuel dispensers themselves, saving costs, speeding repairs, reducing failure rates and ensuring more pump uptime. Now, not only are they giving customers an exceptional experience; they’re differentiating their brand and redefining convenience.

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