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Eurobank Greece

Needing an enterprise-enabled, digital-first platform to set themselves apart as the bank of choice in Greece, NCR became their go-to partner for a successful implementation. See how they did it.

“Working in partnership with NCR, Eurobank continues to be a pioneer in offering digital first transactions to our customers.”

— Eurobank

What they needed

A digital-first customer experience

Eurobank set out to become the bank of choice in Greece, offering simple, easy, and targeted services to their customers with a vision to be the most human-centric bank in the country. And that meant delivering a truly digital-first customer experience.

In order to achieve this goal, Eurobank recognized they needed a digital-first platform, an application that was enterprise architected and would enable the bank to deliver a more digital experience to their customers. And to really set their services apart, they wanted to be the first bank in Greece to offer contactless authentication and digital wallet support, which they saw as critical to their customer satisfaction. But it was a big investment and a major endeavor so they knew they needed a partner they could count on.

What we delivered

An ATM enterprise platform

NCR worked with Eurobank to ensure a smooth transition from their legacy ANDC application to NCR’s NDC Enterprise across their entire multivendor environment, with a clear understanding of what was being delivered at every phase. Armed with an end-to-end ATM enterprise platform, NCR enabled contactless card authentication and digital wallet support. They also implemented NCR’s Device Management solution – Vision -  a critical part of the overall platform enabling real-time analysis of the self-service network to deliver high availability. As part of the enterprise platform, they also have future plans to implement ATM Marketing capability that will make engaging with their customers, to effectively deliver personalized, relevant messages easier and enables their customers to personalize their own ATM experience.

What happened next

Easier banking and future-ready

Now Eurobank is the first bank in the country to offer contactless authentication and digital wallet support giving their customers new, easier ways to interact with their bank—plus they have the ability to provide uninterrupted service even if the card reader goes down. And their goal to make banking simpler and easier is being achieved as their customers enjoy a higher level of service with consistent availability and a more user-friendly interface.

Eurobank chose the right partner for such a large investment. Not only did NCR help them achieve their current digital-first goals, their customers can make innovative transactions which capitalize on Eurobank’s existing investment in omnichannel solutions—and their new ATM enterprise platform is set up to make future innovations easier.