the green room | customer story

Eclipse di Luna delights customers, servers and restaurant profit managers

Eclipse di Luna Buckhead had been a long-time customer of Aloha but decided to upgrade to the Essentials Platform. It has made the lives of their servers easier, helped them improve their customer service, maximize productivity and boost profitability.

Opened in 1997 the restaurant brings a touch of Mediterranean flavor to the US providing its customers the gorgeous sights, sounds and tastes of Spanish cuisine. Customers have come to expect a wonderful restaurant where they can share tapas with their friends and relax in a unique atmosphere.

Key to their success has been the ability to offer high quality and consistent service. NCR Analytics allows its manager, Ernesto, to check in on operations from anywhere. It means that even when he’s not in the restaurant he can see what’s happening and make sure it continues to offer the outstanding customer service which has made it so popular.