Founded in 1992 in Taipei, E.SUN BANK is the fifth-largest financial holding company in Taiwan. It operates 139 branches domestically and 28 overseas branches in nine countries around the globe. Two overseas branches will be established in the near future. 

"Through the partnership with NCR, we provide more innovative and convenient self service to our customers, and implement principles for financial service industries to treat customers fairly. This will lead us to a win-win achievement."



What they needed

Leveling up self-service

Banking in Taiwan is extremely competitive, which leads to a commitment to build a convenient and high-quality service environment. Self-service capabilities are very essential to Taiwanese consumers, as they seek to do more of their banking at their own convenience.

To continue to exceed customers’ expectations and maintain a competitive edge, E.SUN BANK focused on leveraging innovation to enhance the customer experience. Not only to prioritize improving its self-service channels in recent years, but also investing heavily in exploring new equipment. Moreover, E.SUN BANK keeps expanding its footprint to various off-premise locations, such as cooperating with well-known hypermarkets. E.SUN BANK approached NCR to propose new solutions to streamline and aid these efforts.

What we delivered

Better ATMs with greater functionality

NCR recommended its SS83 recycling ATMs for E.SUN BANK to deploy at off-premise locations. At branch locations, we added a locally built coin-hopper sidecar to support bulk cash payments and deposit transactions. What’s more our advanced ATM application and local assets support payment and other innovative functions helping E.SUN BANK enable more transactions and services at the ATM. The SS83 ATMs didn’t just simplify and enhance the customer experience—they were also eye-catching with a very user-friendly UI.

What happened next

A self-service channel built for success

We rolled out more than 100 units in hypermarkets, alongside E.SUN BANK branches. Our advanced technology and customer-first approach enabled E.SUN BANK to deliver more banking services at off-premise ATMs, offering customers even more flexibility and the power to bank at their own convenience.

Marketing platform

NCR also helped set up a marketing platform for couponing and rewards. They upgraded E.SUN BANK’s banking as a service model by developing ATMs which provide coupons or rewards the more people use them. This model has been used by many businesses – when a customer makes a specific number of transactions a certain number of times through a specific channel, they benefit from exclusive gifts. For example, convenience stores may use this to offer free coffee coupons for people who purchase a large amount of coffee. In E.SUN BANK's case, customers could obtain rewards through receipts at the ATM but also through a specially designed app. This has enhanced the bank’s offering, giving customers personal rewards and boosting loyalty.