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the green room | customer story

Deiter Brothers

Retaining qualified HVAC technicians and fuel delivery professionals is essential to excellent customer service at Deiter Brothers. NCR VOYIX’s payroll/HR services help them keep employees happy with accurate, stable payroll and benefits.

"Employee trust is essential to a customer-focused company.
And reliable payroll service is where it all starts."

— Deiter Brothers
What they needed

To continue to build employee loyalty, trust and performance in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Deiter Brothers got its start delivering block ice in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with one truck and three family members in 1929. Reliable service was their hallmark. They soon diversified to become one of the largest heating fuel companies in the Lehigh Valley. Over the years, they acquired competitors, added services and earned accolades for their customer service. In fact, they’ve been named the #1 heating/cooling/energy team in Lehigh Valley for more than 30 years. They say it’s because of “The Deiter Difference”: they hire good people and treat them well so they treat customers well.

Fast forward to today, when companies across the country are struggling to find and retain talented professionals. Deiter Brothers wanted to continue to build employee loyalty, trust and performance in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

What we delivered

Technology for exemplary payroll and benefits, which made employees happy, who in turn kept their customers happy.

NCR VOYIX technology has helped the company keep its payroll operations and benefits programs so reliable, they are a big part of the company’s recruitment efforts – because knowing they can expect to get paid on time is important to people looking for long-term careers.

Deiter Brothers chose NCR’s Payroll & HR Solutions delivered by iSolved People Cloud with a new 401(k) integration to power its payroll and benefits programs – maintaining the tradition of treating its employees well that has been the key to its success.

What happened next?

They continue to attract and retain qualified employees – the key to their success.

Today, Deiter Brothers is thriving where many competitors are not. They’re attracting highly qualified technicians and customer service people who want to work somewhere they know they’ll be appreciated, somewhere they can count on getting their benefits and know for sure when they’ll get their pay.