the green room | customer story

CNB Bank

When CNB Bank was looking to innovate client experiences at the drive-up, we stepped in and delivered an ITM solution that's changing how their customers bank.

"It’s amazing to see our customers' banking patterns change. They feel so comfortable using ATMs now, that ATM deposits have nearly quadrupled since the pandemic began."

— Carla Higgins, CNB Bank Senior Vice President, Client Experience
What they needed

An innovative, customer-pleasing drive-up service

CNB Bank has 40+ full-service locations that operate throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York, with 700+ employees and nearly 80,000 households. The bank is a leader in providing integrated financial solutions, creating value for both consumers and businesses. But they realized that their drive-up experience had been stagnant for a long time with old, outdated equipment which didn’t provide the best customer experience. So they wanted to find a way to modernize their technology and give their customers a more innovative and better service.

What we delivered

The NCR 80 Series Interactive Teller Machine

NCR introduced them to NCR’s 8o Series Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) and they knew they'd found the key part to deliver their transformation strategy. Their original plan was to upgrade their entire ATM channel over the course of five years with ITMs—and then COVID happened. Now, working with NCR, they're integrating the ITM much more quickly - in nearly half the time - as customers look to do more of their banking through self-service.

What happened next

Customer service continues to improve with convenience-boosting ITM capabilities

With ATM deposits nearly quadrupling in one year in response to COVID, CNB's customers are changing the way they bank because of this innovative transformation. The new ITM capabilities have created a more personal yet contactless customer experience at the drive-up, enabling better service with less wait time. CNB's agents now deftly move between managing the ITM, phone and chat channels, boosting efficiency while continuing to deliver convenient, quality customer service. With happier customers and staff, CNB Bank knows their technology investment is paying off.