Building the convenience store of the future

Cencosud wanted to ensure their Spid convenience store offered customers a level of speed and convenience customers could not get anywhere else. NCR helped them harness the latest technology to offer a fast, convenient omnichannel solution.

"The greatest impact has been to have an excellent and fast customer experience which values our customers’ time and provides a 100% self-service store."

— Cencosud
What they needed

A seamless omnichannel solution

Cencosud is one of the largest retailers in the Americas region with locations in six countries: the US, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Peru. They wanted to transform their customer experience with a frictionless omnichannel approach in their Spid convenience stores. Their aim was to provide a simple process and seamless experience for customers who wanted to buy in-store or via a virtual store with a delivery time of less than 30 minutes. Using the latest technology, they wanted to upgrade their physical locations into modern high performing convenience stores offering 100% self-checkout for unparalleled levels of speed and convenience for customers. For that, they needed to cover cash and card payments with unattended purchases.

What we delivered

A faster, better and more convenient shopping experience

Both new and prospective customers have become highly demanding and attuned to details in the shopping trip. Cencosud wanted a system which would help them stay ahead of the curve in terms of technology and that provides a truly unbeatable customer experience. NCR helped them get it. As an existing provider for SCO and POS products to Cencosud, NCR was ideally positioned to create a tailored solution to help them achieve their vision. Using our state-of-the-art technology, NCR delivered a 100% self-checkout experience with a host of advanced features such as video with live feeds of the customer journey, picklist assist for customers selecting products and next generation mobile RAP to alert staff to any customer service interventions through a mobile device.

What happened next

The convenience store of the future

NCR’s in-depth experience with self-checkout and our understanding of Cencosud’s requirements meant we could integrate all the changes to their POS solutions in a way which was perfectly tailored to their needs. Thanks to this work, they have seen a dramatic change in their in-store offering, giving them a faster and more convenient experience drawing on the latest technology which gives a smooth, seamless omnichannel solution and a key edge on the competition. The innovations introduced by NCR helped them ensure their Spid convenience stores fulfilled their vision of creating the convenience stores of the future based on convenience, choice and customer service.