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Battle & Brew

Battle & Brew is Atlanta’s premier gaming restaurant—a unique concept that focuses on sci-fi, fantasy, anime and board games, and digital gaming culture. In addition to tasty food and drinks, they offer console, VR, PC and tabletop gaming curated for gamers of all ages and playing levels.
"Our primary focus has always been serving our customers an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. NCR VOYIX’s solutions have helped simplify our operational processes, which means we can spend less time worrying about inventory and tracking and more time ensuring Battle & Brew continues to far exceed our customers’ expectations."
— Battle & Brew
What they needed

Leveling up inventory management & insights

While Battle & Brew has done a phenomenal job catering to its customers’ expectations and delivering an unforgettable experience, it was looking for more in-depth analytics and a way to track operations to make smarter business decisions. The team also struggled to strategically manage item inventory based on historic demand trends.

What we delivered

A software power-duo kitted out for success

We set Battle & Brew up with NCR VOYIX Aloha and NCR Analytics, which leveraged crucial data insights to help the restaurant track its business in real time and make strategic, informed operating decisions. It also allowed Battle & Brew to better understand customer purchasing trends and changing demand in order to optimize inventory ordering and management.

What happened next

A big win for all players involved

NCR VOYIX’s solutions helped streamline and simplify Battle & Brew’s entire operation. They also offered the team an accurate big picture of operations that could be used to improve performance. Providing software that uses powerful real-time data and tracking to manage inventory and inform business decisions took a big burden off the team itself, letting them focus on delivering a stellar customer experience.