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Winning big with Aloha at the curbside

When Amici was confronted by the pandemic they had to move quickly. As an existing Aloha customer, they were enabled to immediately shift their operations to support curbside pickup options for their guests.

"We could’ve turned it on that day. The options that are particular to curbside were already built into the system."

— Amici
What they needed

A way to keep serving their guests while facing closed dining rooms in the pandemic

Amici started as a dream between a group of friends from the University of Georgia. Today, with 14+ locations in Georgia and South Carolina, they offer a fun, friendly and relaxing dining experience for their customers with a menu centered around comfort food including hand-tossed pizzas, flavorful wings, and tasty subs. With trivia nights, live entertainment, and a well-stocked bar, they focus on being the neighborhood spot that everyone loves. Founded with a personal hands-on approach to restaurant management, the operator, who started franchising in 2003, quickly grew into a group that could benefit from more formalized record keeping and processes. The arrival of COVID-19 changed the game for the restaurant industry. Curbside delivery became one of the only dining options, forcing dine-in restaurants like Amici to quickly transform the way they interacted with customers. Amici had to pivot quickly to be able to deliver fast and efficient curbside pick-up while maintaining the enjoyable neighborhood vibe.

What we delivered

A powerful but flexible curbside option

Amici has been an Aloha customer for 15+ years, leveraging the point of sale and back office management solutions to help operate and run their business. After a few months of closed doors due to the pandemic and restrictions on their operations, they decided to reopen their doors in June 2020 and pivot to offering curbside for their guests. With the Aloha point of sale platform, they had everything they needed to get up and running straight away and shift their operational model. 

What happened next

Fueling growth with curbside

The move to curbside saved the business in 2020. At a time when the restaurant and food industry faced major challenges, curbside offered a much-needed solution to keeping operations running, particularly when dining rooms were closed. With Aloha, it gave them the flexibility they needed to respond to the crisis and adapt to a rapidly changing landscape without disrupting their tech ecosystem. Today Amici is continuing to grow, transform, and expand – with a new location on the way. The reliability and robustness of the Aloha POS platform has enabled them to overcome a major challenge and run their operations so they can best serve their guests and deliver on their restaurant experience.