1LINK needed to switch to a system that could easily integrate into the existing security and compliance infrastructure, and we helped them with that.
“Digitization is on the rise in Pakistan. We’re very satisfied with our partnership with NCR who helped us modernize our system with state-of-the-art-technologies”


— Najeeb Agrawalla, CEO 1LINK
“We are delighted to have 1LINK's trust in NCR to provide them with these mission critical tools to run their operations and provide them with the enhancements for their future plans”


— Hashim Memon, Country Manager - Pakistan, NCR Corporation
What they needed

To securely process 100% more transactions and automate fraud detection

1LINK is the first licensed PSO/PSP by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) providing payment and switching services in Pakistan, a country with a population of over 220 million people. 1LINK is owned by 11 banks and since 2004, works as the main switch for Pakistan’s 37+ banks, handling a broad range of banking transactions (including leading the shared ATM network), bill payments, open APIs, International Schemes Gateway Service and more. 1LINK also launched a domestic card payment scheme, PayPak, to provide an equitable alternative for domestic transactions routing against International Schemes.  With 1LINK being the de facto switch in Pakistan, it was essential to upgrade to a state-of-the-art system that was built using modern technologies to manage large-scale volumes. The required system had to be easily integrated into the existing security and compliance infrastructure to support uninterrupted services.

What we delivered

NCR Authentic, Fractals & INETCO Insight®

NCR introduced 1LINK to three solutions: NCR Authentic, our card processing and issuing platform that’s designed to allow banks to innovate quickly; NCR Online Fraud Protection—Fractals, a smart, self-learning fraud detection and prevention solution; and INETCO Insight®, an NCR third-party software platform that provides real-time monitoring and optimized data acquisition for the self-service banking, digital and card channels.

What happened next

800+ million transactions safely processed in one year

Pakistan has experienced phenomenal growth in digital transactions due to the influence of COVID-19. Resulting from the unavailability of physical bank branches during quarantine and because of a digital friendly regulatory regime, unprecedented transactional growth has been observed in Pakistan. 1LINK as the center of these transactions has seamlessly handled 800+ million transactions on switching in 2020 and the number is ever increasing in 2021. 1LINK also processes 1 billion transactions through Fractals to provide real-time monitoring of transactions to the Pakistan Banking Industry. 1LINK handled a 100% spike in transactions in 2020—a total of 800+ million transactions in one year—easily switching from one server to another in various locations with an increased uptime. And they're processing all transactions more securely with automatic fraud detection while remaining compliant. They also have a reduced risk of network outages with the ability to immediately change sites when one has an issue. And with NCR Authentic, 1LINK has the capability and flexibility to add their own interfaces—so their systems can be customized for more personalization, consistency and better customer experiences.