Transform your restaurant with a trusted innovation partner

We help restaurants deliver innovative customer experiences, implement the right technology and drive measurable growth.

Speed of service is a critical driver of customer happiness. Our team of highly experienced restaurant leaders will help you deliver better food, faster.

We'll help you develop new processes, implement new technology and train your team to deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

No one likes waiting in line, especially your customers. We have unmatched experience helping restaurants develop the right processes and technology to reduce line queues, improve customer experience and maintain their brand.

In today's constantly changing marketplace, brands that win are those that can adapt in real-time. We'll connect your data from end-to-end, giving you the tools you need to make better decisions, faster.

Customer Story

NCR helped a large restaurant group with more than 15 active concepts integrate all of their systems through a single database for Back Office and Point of Sale so leaders could understand customer and employee trends in real time.

Customer Story

And just like that, your order's up. Thanks to NCR tech, KFC fans in Australia can order from literally anywhere using voice-activated Alexa, or social media platforms like Facebook messenger. The future is here, and it's finger lickin' good™.

Today's consumers demand personalized experiences that follow them wherever they go. From mobile ordering to third-party delivery to ordering kiosks and everything in between, only NCR has the expertise to help you deliver frictionless dining experiences your customers will crave.

Mobile ordering. Third-party delivery. Loyalty. Personalization. Dark kitchens. We'll help you build custom future-ready strategy and find and deploy the right technology to bring it to life.

With more than 4,000 professional service resources around the globe, we'll help ensure smooth deployment of and implementation of NCR products and services using our best of breed delivery methodology.

Get unmatched expertise. Only with NCR.

As a global leader in banking, retail, and restaurant technology, we are uniquely positioned to help your business deliver powerful results from end-to-end.

Guest & Customer Experience

Restaurant Point of Sale

Mobile & Online Ordering

Installation & Deployment

Technology Integration & Customization

Kitchen Production & Third-Party Delivery

Queue & Line Busting

Restaurant Intelligence and Analytics


Start your transformation today with NCR.

Digital transformation works best with a partner.

We help you map the right solution, quarterback implementation and test everything to make sure it drives your ongoing success.


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