NCR Data and AI Solutions

Harness the power of Data and AI to drive the future of your business

In today’s constantly changing marketplace, brands that win are those that can adapt in real-time.

About NCR Data and AI

  • Today’s customers demand simple, memorable experiences that are personalized and follow them wherever they go.
  • As the market leader in transaction technology, NCR leverages distinctive insights and expertise to help our clients deliver frictionless experiences that delight their customers anytime, anywhere.
  • Customized AI and Machine Learning models that analyze vast sets of data while predicting future trends to enable smart decision making.
  • Visualized dashboard to showcase the data analysis, and to allow for businesses to gain critical insights that drive business decisions and improve bottom-line numbers.

Data and AI Labs: Case-driven systems that address individual business requirements to customize and train AI models

  • Monitoring, compliance customization, hardware performance, business thresholds, measurements, real-world data changes, validation, trust, regulation and feedback.
  • Data and AI consulting squads - including a wide set of skilled experts - collaborate with clients to co-create strategic AI products and solutions.

Data, Analytics and AI Factory: A “factory” Machine Learning operations environment to operate production within scaled architectures, allowing for cost-effective business-critical operating.

  • The factory powers data and model version control, updates, optimization of human machine-interaction, monitoring of robustness and generalization of the model and on-going input noise detection and correlation.
  • Our data lake architectures that are built in a multi-tenant environment, allowing client solutions to easily be onboarded whilst maintaining data governance. 

NCR Data and AI Case Studies

Multinational doughnut and coffee chain

Merged a visual and data-gathering workflow to deliver a seamless, engaging checkout experience.

  • 22% reduction in non-value add checkout time
  • 6% increase in value added engagement time
  • Next 6% increase in throughput
  • Projected $1.5M increase per year
Global Restaurant Chain

Streamlined the workflow using automated data collection.

  • Streamlined data delivery process from 5 people to 1
  • Addressed points of failure within the delivery process.
  • Increased efficiency and workload potential thanks to scalable data collection
  • Gave reason for customers to order directly from the restaurant chain
American employee benefits company

"We crafted a completely customizable data strategy around the company’s ITM solution. We recorded benchmark and KPI data to assess a new strategy’s impact on customers, staff, sales, infrastructure, and overall operations, whilst conducting a discovery audit on how staff/customers were using myTeller."

  • 40% more adoption of ITMs among customers
  • The ability to identify optimal sites for new ITMS
  • Branch staff trained to encourage ITM use
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • An increase in customers without sacrificing Gen-Z audience
  • ROI maximized in ITMs
Customized retail services provider

"We used Freshop - a proven, highly scalable, API-based industry-leading cloud architecture solution, built by a team with decades of retail experiences. This helped us understand the clients, customers, brands, channels, and pricing models, and allowed us to offer industry-leading personalized solutions that put our clients and their customers first."

  • 500% growth during a pandemic
  • Double-digit growth 5+ years running
  • Expanded audience

NCR Data and AI Use Cases

  • Transform your data into actionable insights in real-time
  • Gain a holistic view of each and every one of your customers
  • Meet your customer with personalized interactions at every step of their customer journey
  • Perfect your CX across all channels for a truly seamless end-user experience
  • Provide real-time promotions to your customers at the exact right time
  • Increase adoption of new technologies with strategy tailored to your unique customer base

Why NCR Data and AI Solutions

Best-in-class digital architecture, rich in industry data
Seamlessly integrated with NCR cloud-enabled POS, SCO, and ATM systems and solutions
Consulting experts armed with NCR proprietary data
Deep AI expertise combined with Machine Learning Operations
Augmenting NCR data with external sources to augment models and dive deeper into actionable insights

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