Your customers aren’t all the same, and they all might have different expectations for in-store shopping. But the one thing they can agree on? Checkout is the biggest pain in the store. Listen to the webinar "How to Win in the Age of Now" hosted by Retail Leader and learn how to make frictionless experiences work for your business.

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What do all these shoppers have in common? They want a better way to check out.

Cart Abandonment: it's the biggest pain point in retail.  Customers will abandon their carts if the wait is too long.  That's a big problem.  So what does better checkout look like?  The right technology certainly helps..




Consumers who think checkout is the biggest pain point in retail




Consumers who will abandon carts if lines are too long




NCR retail clients experiencing at least a 50% decrease in queue times

Make Checkout Easier


Learn how Frictionless Checkout can deliver the checkout experience your customers expect in our Infographic. Or click the button below to download the white paper: Winning With Frictionless Checkout

Are you using your stores to:


Your Turf


Attract new customers and retain exisiting ones.


Engage Your 


Deliver flexibility, convenience and speed for shoppers.




Seize opportunities for upsells and cross-sells.




Engage shoppers in new and meaningful ways.




Drive profits by increasing sales and efficiency.



Get frictionless that fits different expectations of different shoppers.


How do you use the store to meet their demands and preferences, and create frictionless experiences? Download our free eBook and learn how to create a path in transforming your stores to keep your customers happy today and attract new ones tomorrow.

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Frictionless Checkout in the News

Kaufland Captures First Mover Advantage in Germany with Roll-out of NCR Self-Checkouts


The German hypermarket chain embarked on a store transformation journey to help improve the in-store shopping experience, reduce waiting times and increase customer loyalty while at the same time creating more value for customers with smaller baskets. Kaufland equipped about 160 stores with the NCR self-checkout solution, with plans to expand across more stores throughout the next few years.

NCR is Saying Goodbye to the infamous "Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area"




NCR is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its first self-checkout installation and looking at what the future will bring for the technology. Amongst others, NCR is tackling the infamous “unexpected item in the bagging area” with recent innovations.