Transaction Performing Monitoring: INETCO Insight

INETCO Insight® is a real-time transaction monitoring software platform that will help operations teams track the performance of every consumer transaction flowing across your banking network. It is a powerful solution that combines transaction profiling capabilities, application performance management and end-user experience monitoring for a holistic view into ATM and multi-channel banking environments. By quickly isolating the root cause of transaction performance issues, INETCO Insight will provide easy access to the real-time transaction intelligence you need to improve operating efficiency, increase service reliability and optimize the performance of all your self-service banking applications, while achieving the ultimate goal of high customer satisfaction.



  • Maintain consistent levels of service by monitoring and gaining multiple points of visibility along end-to-end transaction paths, across all the moving parts of your multi-channel environment
  • Isolate application, network and transaction performance issues 65-75% faster
  • Receive instant alerts to transactions slowdowns or failures
  • Implement transaction-level monitoring to compliment your ATM monitoring system
  • Optimize application performance

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