ATM Refresh Services


ATMs are an extension of your branch network and require the same meticulous Brand strategy that your brick-and-mortar facilities enjoy. NCR ATM Refresh provides a cost-effective approach to ensuring your Brand stays new throughout your ATM network, regardless of age, weather, or conditions. ATM Refresh services leverage NCR’s vast network of resources to re-fresh or re-brand your ATMs when and where you need it, on-time and on-budget ensuring that every customer interaction with your Brand is welcoming, inviting and meaningful.






  • Removal of original paint/signage
  • Prepare, prime, and apply new paint
  • Apply top coat
  • Place logo or decals on machine
  • Replace signage as needed
  • Cost effective way to make an ATM look like new
  • Limited ATM Downtime
  • Significant Brand impact

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