SelfServ™ 80 Series White Paper

With the release of the NCR Personas™ family of ATMs in the early 1990s, NCR established what has become the industry’s de facto user interface layout for ATMs.


There has, however, been a huge transformation since this ATM standard was first introduced. The role of technology in every sphere of a customer’s personal and professional life has expanded, radically overhauling the way consumers and businesses interact with service providers of every type and changing their expectations of customer service and engagement.


In response to these changing customer demands, and to support financial institutions in their pursuit of competitive advantage in an evolving and complex marketplace, NCR has developed the NCR SelfServ 80 Series. As we discuss in this paper, the new product family is based on the following core concepts:


  • Reference design trends and user interaction principles from the latest consumer technologies, and enhance them for a public environment
  • Incorporate the latest technological developments in self-service and assisted-service
  • Anticipate new transaction interfaces and devices, including mobile and wearable technology
  • Integrate the latest in security and fraud prevention

Retaining NCR’s commitment to security, usability and accessibility, this next generation of ATMs will play a key role in the evolution of retail banking.


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