SelfServ 80 Series FAQ


General questions


Why has the NCR SelfServ 80 series been released?


The financial industry is changing. Retail banking is under more pressures than ever before to change to evolving consumer needs and preferences in a time where they need to try and lower cost whilst still serving customers at the channels they demand. The ATM still remains a vital self-service touchpoint for consumers who require secure, reliable access to cash whilst also being able to carry out transactions such as check or mixed media deposit. Along with this it is important that NCR stay at the forefront of influencing the design and consumer experience at the ATM, hence the development of the SelfServ 80 series range that is much more aligned to tablet and smartphone interactions users demand as part of the omni-channel experience.


Finally, the ATM is anticipated to remain a vital banking channel now and well into the future with well over 4 Million installs expected globally by the year 2020, with cash withdrawal values anticipated to grow also. This range will enable NCR to respond to increased competitive pressures, technology transformation and introduced a more streamlined and consistent portfolio across our cash dispense and multi-function ATM solutions.


What are the key new features provided by the SelfServ 80 series that are different from the SelfServ 30 series?


There are a variety of key new features that are now available on these ATMs

  • Infinity Display – Supports multi-touch. 15” or 19” LCD. Ambient light sensor
  • Media Entry/Exit Indicators - Dynamic Colour configurable LEDs. Task Lighting
  • Supports “Picture in Picture” security
  • Integrated “flush” Skimming Protection Solution (SPS)
  • NCR Interactive Banker and Teller Enterprise SW compatible

It is important to remember that as part of the world’s number one ATM brand, SelfServ, the NCR SelfServ 80 series is also the world’s most modular and future-proofed ATM platform covering functionality such as dual dispense, cash dispense/deposit and cash dispense/recycling as well as many other configurations to help financial institutions respond to evolving consumer needs.


What are the other key features and functions that are available on these ATMs?


A summary of the key features is:

  • Media Handling 2.0 – S2 4/5 high. SDM2 and GBRU2
  • Interactive Teller integrated – Beamforming microphone, improved handset
  • Estoril PC Core – 8Gb RAM only, single or dual 240Gb SDD (no HDD), TPM
  • Security – Cash camera, flush SPS, anti-eves dropping kit, improved secure PIN location


What are the key benefits that are provided from the new NCR SelfServ 80 series ATMs?


There are a huge number of benefits provided by these new ATMs.Five of the main ones are as follows:

  • Enhances self-service banking, with new, refined “human centred” ATM design while providing a positive impact on brand image and the consumer experience
  • Enables staff to focus on high value activities, while having the ATM offer more services that could increase profitability for a financial institution
  • Offers the ability to future proof an ATM estate through a flexible and configurable range of core modules in the ATM that enables quick adaption to changing needs
  • Delivers a differentiated omni-channel consumer experience
  • Has security “designed in” to respond to and help mitigate against risk and fraud


What are the new ATMs that are available? Please list the names and locations of these devices?


There are four new ATM solutions that are part of the new SelfServ 80 series:

  • The SelfServ 81 – a freestanding interior branch multi-function ATM with assisted service
  • The SelfServ 82 – an interior lobby multi-function ATM
  • The SelfServ 84 – a through the wall exterior ATM (suited to drive up or walk-up variants)
  • The SelfServ 88 – a freestanding island drive-up ATM


What informed the development? What were the design principles?


Essentially market trends and customer requirements drove the key design principles. We asked things like how do we address physical and digital channel convergence better and how can we help banks improve the customer experience to help project a positive brand image. All this whilst making sure that these new ATMs remain secure and able to respond to risks to proactively protect our customers. The aim was to take the ATM beyond basic usability and functional usefulness. To offer a new layout of refinement and sophistication. To deliver a unique experience to the consumer, with new aesthetics and visual appeal in a mobile first omni-channel world.




Introducing the NCR SelfServ™ 80 Series


Value Proposition


What is the key value proposition of the new NCR SelfServ 80 series?


Inspired and designed around human senses, the SelfServ Family blends human intuition with the latest technological advances to create a self-service ATM experience that can handle more complex transactions beyond simply withdrawing and depositing money. By enabling the ATM to offer your customers a seamless omni-channel experience, you in turn free up more time and reduce costs so your staff can focus on more high-value interactions. It is about embracing the convergence of technology and human centred experience. There are six core values, which are as follows:


  • Transform: transform today and prepare for tomorrow
  • Attract: let your brand’s personality break through
  • Engage: make connections that create experiences
  • Available: stay connected, serve more customers
  • Manage: The right solutions and process for efficient systems management
  • Secure: Maintain the trust and integrity in your ATM network


How has the consumer experience of the SelfServ 80 series been improved?


Inspired and designed around human senses, the SelfServ Family blends human intuition with the latest technological advances to create a self-service ATM experience that can handle more complex transactions beyond simply withdrawing and depositing money. The SelfServ 80 Series family provides a range of interactive and assisted services at the ATM, as well as traditional cash dispense, mixed media deposit and cash recycling capabilities in order to meet evolving consumer self-service requirements.


How has usability been enhanced on the SelfServ 80 series?


The aim has been to deliver a more engaging and contemporary consumer experience. To leverage new interactive models that support the omni-channel Mobile First Consumer (where pre-staged transactions are proven to reduce overall transaction times to less than 10 seconds at the ATM). There has also been the aim to provides a unique opportunity to present a strong visual identify. Whether customizing the physical ATM or leveraging CxBanking software to personalize the consumers experience. NCR SelfServ 80 Series ensures that the customer’s brand stands out for all the right reasons, attracting both on-us and off-us consumers.


How has availability been improved on the SelfServ 80 series?


This has been done through the combination of NCR Media Handling 2.0, NCR Secure, NCR Manage and CxBanking software to help drive drives market leading network availability. This allows financial institutions to deliver the services the consumer demands, where and when they choose.


The new SelfServ family is already displaying availability and uptime rates in excess of 99.3%. With at least a 10% improvement in reliability between new SelfServ vs ageing Personas ATMs, proving that modernizing is the route to a better consumer experience at the ATM for financial institutions.


How does this new range of ATMs help assist with wider branch transformation initiatives?


The NCR 80 series bridges the gap between the old and new world by providing financial institutions the platform to transform and reinvent their branches. Essentially meaning banks can transform their ATM and branch estate today, to get ready for the future. The SelfServ 80 family has a clear upgrade path for banks to transform the 80 series into an interactive teller or interactive banker device, which will boost branch efficiency and increase revenue over time as consumer behaviour evolves.


What are some of the services benefits associated with the SelfServ 80 series?


The ability for financial institutions to manage their ATM estate with intelligence and efficiency. The aim being to improve performance while reducing costs and streamlining operations. The NCR SelfServ 80 series features improved device-level performance, management and intelligence through NCR Media Handling 2.0. Service interventions are made easier. For FLM and SLM service-related tasks, the SelfServ ATM Family is enable faster fault identification and resolution through the ability to identify what is wrong, where and why. Media Handling 2.0 technology can be enabled to automatically sense faults and inefficiencies proactively then passes that data to NCR Services for analysis and setting adjustments. Efficiencies are also achieved through technology that makes dispute reconciliation less complex. Incorporating these ATMs alongside other NCR cash management and network solutions gives you the ability to make better data-driven business decisions with confidence. Other benefits include: common parts and components across all ATMs, module enhancements provide easier and faster fault identification, state of health indicators across all Media Handling 2.0 devices, compact modular design for FRUs improve service and repair time meaning better predictive analytics and service opportunities


Media Handling & Note Storage Capabilities


What is Media Handling 2.0? Explain the details of the core modules in these new ATMs?


Media Handling 2.0 from NCR is the range of dispense, deposit and recycling modules that are core to our new ATMs and are already generating fantastic results and driving higher superior availability.


With Media Handling 2.0, NCR are providing you with a highly configurable ATM module set that provides a clear upgrade path to help future proof your estate. Invest today and get ready for tomorrow. Media Handling 2.0 provides the widest range of deposit, dispense and recycling options in the industry, many of these are unique to NCR SelfServ.


NCR Media Handling 2.0 is a flexible solution designed for your business to manage your day-to-day operations better, featuring common parts and components across all ATMs. This means better performance and easier and faster fault identification and resolution via a series of module enhancements. These ATM modules are key in helping deliver a consistent transaction set in all locations and placements. Key features are as follows:


  • Dispense – S2 Media Dispense Module – up to 60 note bunch present. Up to 2,5000 notes per cassette. Up to 25,000 note capacity in dual dispense*
  • Deposit – SDM2 – Up to 100 mixed media bunch cash + check in a single transaction. Store up to 4,000 notes and 400 checks*
  • Recycle/Deposit – GBxx2 – Deposit up to 200 notes per transaction. Store up to 2,300 notes per cassette (deposit). Up to 2,000 notes (recycle)*
  • *Dependent on note quality, type and thickness.




What safe options are available on the SelfServ 80 series?

A range of safes will be available in line with the global phased release plan. CEN I safes will be available on all of the SelfServ 80 series ATMs. CEN III/IV GasEx safes will be available to give feature/function parity with NCR’s SelfServ 30 series ATMs.


What security enhancements have been made to the SelfServ 80 series in order to reduce cash trapping attacks?


A range of new security solutions have been “designed in” as part of the SelfServ 80 series range of ATMs. The aim is to secure, prevent and protect to maintain the trust and integrity of your network.


Security and mitigating risk is widely regarded as the #1 priority for retail banking globally. The NCR SelfServ 80 series has a wide range of new security features “designed in” as a fundamental requirement. New external and internal design characteristics turn ATM crime protection to ATM crime prevention with sophisticated security features and countermeasures for fraud management, access control and authentication.


What other security features are provided on the SelfServ 80 series?


There are a wide range of security features. These include the following:


  • Cash slot and consumer cameras
  • Fully flush SPS card reader
  • Recessed and newly positioned PIN pad
  • Contactless enabled
  • Anti-eves dropping kit
  • Picture in picture consumer awareness
  • Full glass strengthened to protect against false fascia and skimming devices
  • Anti-cash trapping carriage transport on the S2 Media Dispense Module
  • Strengthened dispense and deposit shutters


Software and Platform


What are the minimum software application and platform requirements for the SelfServ 80 series?


The 80 Series is supported by the following versions of NCR Application Software


  • APTRA AANDC 04.04.01
  • Activate (Global Reference) 02.02.00
  • Activate (US Network Edition) 01.05.00
  • APTRA Edge (US ) 07.00.00


What operating system and software suite comes with the SelfServ 80 series?


The 80 Series is based on the Microsoft Windows 7 OEM Operating system. The hardware can be configured to be ready for Windows 10 in time. NCR’s existing software suite of platform and applications are all enabled to support the 80 Series and the relevant versions are identified in the earlier response in this document.


What other software can be added to the ATM to help with things with personalization, targeted marketing and promotions that’ll be revenue generating?


The 80 Series launch represents such a great platform for financial institutions to leverage NCR’s Cx Banking software. It is the ATM software that really brings to life the great innovations that our new 80 Series family of multi-function ATMs introduces to market. A Solution experience that is rich and responsive consistent with modern user expectations. Themes can be changed based on specific bank branding, tailored to individual consumer profiles that strengthens a banks brand image as well as personalization options. When our software is paired with our latest hardware innovation, the 80 Series line up, then that combination truly has the power to transform, attract and engage.