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Logistics Management - Automating your logistics and administrative requirements

Logistics Management: The ability to manage logistics requires flexibility, agility and accuracy to support on-the-ground carrier optimization. Administrative management of carrier SLA’s and contracts and the more tedious task of validating invoices is resource intensive and not always as accurate as it can be. NCR’s integrated approach to tracking cash ordering information from a variety of sources (including ATMs, branches, the Central Bank, commercial customers, other banks and external vaults) has been designed to interface with any cash management system, providing a complete view of your cash ordering position at any time of day. This ability combined with a modular approach to Logistics optimization completes the 360° cycle of efficient cash management.

What are the benefits?

  • Provides order status for all cash sources
  • Integrates multiple order input mechanisms
  • Enables measurement of carrier compliance to SLAs
  • Invoice validation
  • Commercial customer charges
  • Commercial customer ordering and cash deposits pre-notification
  • Carrier order download and confirmation
  • Interfaces with other vendors’ currency management systems
  • Track status updates and trace cash movements


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